Are your dreams ruining your life?

Dream big they say, dream wild, live your dreams and never let them die. But what if they are ruining your life? What if your dreams are completely out of sync with who you are today? What if you no longer want to be the superstar, you want to be the coach, the mom, the cheerleader instead? Along the way of discovering who we are we must take stock in our dreams to see if they still fit the person we are blossoming into!

Dreams are crucial to have, they feed your passion, which feeds your motivation. Without that ideal fantasy we don’t try as hard as we need to, push through the struggle or even reach outside our comfort zone. Dreams can help us find our core self and build our self-esteem, they help us evolve as a spiritual being and become something greater than the whole. They take on an energy of their own and become the beliefs and filters we approach life through.

When you were 10, 15, 20 years old you could dream the impossible. It was so far outside of your small world, deciding to become a performer, athlete, fireman was easy because it was all play acting and you were more invested in the dream than the actions that it takes to manifest it. When the steps towards manifesting your dream become an uncomfortable reality it can derail your forward momentum, even causing a crash and halting your life. When your dreams no longer resonate with who you have become it may be time to look at those old dreams and “re-dream” them.

What I often uncover with my clients is that the core desire or emotion of the dream stays the same, it’s the details that change. When you were 15 you may have picked up a guitar and dreamed of playing to a stadium of people, but at 18 discovered you have terrible stage fright. When you “re-dream” that ideal you may find at the core of it is the joy that music brings you and what you really want to do is become a music therapist for kids with emotional trauma. Or maybe it’s the creative process that brings you bliss so you decide to become a chef.

Re-dreaming is all about digging deeper into the fantasy you created and I have a great way of doing that with a variation of the “Why it that” exercise found in Coventry Magic with Candles herbs and oils. This exercise is quick, actually it is best if you do it quickly without thinking too much allowing your unconscious or deep dreamer to speak through the clutter of your waking mind.

Think about your dream, your ideal, and the fantasy that keeps driving the bus of your life. Really conjure that up on your mind’s eye. Got it? Ready?

Now ask yourself this question, “What stops me from fulfilling that dream?”

Let that first nanosecond response guide your answer. Don’t judge it, just let it be even if it confuses you.

Now ask, “Why is that?” Let the story come to you, let your dreamer tell you what you really want, what is underneath that big story.

Now ask yourself, “What is my true motivation and desire?”

Then you have it, you now have a path to that core part of yourself that got lost in an old dream. Now you can re-dream this passion and create a life that you resonate with.

If you are having a bit of trouble getting to that point, let yourself do this exercise a few times and light an Intuition Affirmation candle to help you open up your psyche and let it speak to your waking mind.

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