Away With the Winter Blues

December is here and we all know what that means… Cold weather, short days, gloomy skies, and the winter blues. Some of us are born loving the winter months, while others struggle to be cheery and bright. If you’re part of that latter group, give our Winter Blues Lifter spell a shot. It might help add a little light to your doom and gloom season! This spell is not a cure for depression. If you or someone else is struggling, please seek out professional care.

For this spell, you are going to need a few things!

After you’ve gathered everything you need, you’re going to start by anointing your hands, heart, and the paper with the Spiritual Cleansing oil. Grab your pen and write out all of your woes, heartbreak, and disappointments on the piece of paper. Let your inner child take over your logical mind by writing without lifting your pen. Fill up both sides of the paper if you can. Let that Spiritual Cleansing oil bring all of your troubles out of you and onto the paper. When you feel like you’ve gotten everything out, burn that piece of paper to ash in a fire-safe container.

Light your Happiness candle and get those colorful art supplies ready. Dip your paintbrush into the ashes, then into your paint, and watch how your pain turns into something beautiful and uplifting as the colors hit the white cloth. Play around with the colors, and let go of any expectations of creating award-winning art. You are healing your inner child, and letting them find the magic of the moment. Fill up your heart, and your cloth with love. Take the cloth with you to fun places to keep them charged up with happiness. When you’re feeling low, bring it out and place it on your chest to give yourself a little energy lift!