Back to the Basics

Looking to get into candle magic and spells but not sure where or how to start? Don’t know if you have it in you to do spellwork? Don’t worry, the wonderful world of candle magic is one everybody can become part of. Being new just means you get the added thrill of experiencing it all for the first time. If you set goals, practice self-care, or work out, you’re already doing spellwork!

Spellwork is all about shifting energy towards an intended goal. Magic is a real thing and does work, but only if you do the work too. Lighting a candle and speaking your intentions is not going to bring you the outcome you’re looking for automatically. For example, if you wanted a new job, you wouldn't scroll through job postings, not apply to any, and hope someone offered you something, right? The same thing goes for candle magic! 

What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is using a tool for focus so you can put your request using your voice out into the universe, only then, it can go to work for you! The candle represents the core elements of the physical world that come together to support your intention. The wax represents the Earth, the flame represents fire, the fragrance represents water, and your spoken word represents air. When you light a candle and make your requests, you are using all the magic of the physical world and connecting to the spiritual world. And that's how the magic happens! 

What you need for Candle Magic:

  • A candle- The kind of candle doesn’t matter, any will work. Don’t forget, Coventry does have a candle for everything! 
  • Fire- a match or a lighter
  • An Intention
  • Faith
  • Patience- Good things take time!

Next steps for Candle Magic and Spellwork

As always, before lighting any candle, make sure that all packaging is removed. Place the candle in a candleholder, or on a candle plate to catch the dripping wax. Create a sacred space- Any of Coventry’s Protection candles, sprays, or oils can help with this process. You can also create a sacred space with prayer, casting a circle, or asking for a golden bubble of protection to surround you. Next, state your intention or affirmation out loud, light your candle, give thanks, and let it burn for about three hours. You can continue this every day until the candle is done. Never leave a burning candle unattended. It’s okay if you need to blow it out, you can light it again when you return. Watch out for opportunities and synchronicities to arise and act on them to keep the energy flowing. If nothing happens in two weeks, light a Spiritual Cleansing candle, and ask for all blocks to your candle magic to be released. 

Now that you have the basic information on how to use candle magic and spellwork, go out there and start making magic happen for yourself! 

We want to hear about your success stories, so make sure to share them with us!