Building on the Basics

When all else fails, go back to the basics and review where you may have gone awry. That has been my mantra since the first time I had to go back to square one and rebuild. Magic, identity, business, relationships, plans; it doesn’t matter the subject, I have crawled back to the original moment of passion and inspiration that started me on that particular path to rebuilding what I broke.

The first time I did this, I thought I had failed. I thought that I was not capable of greater things and that I needed to stay in the primary school of life.

Then I grew up a little bit and realized we all have to do this. We all have to visit the basics, our foundation, to ensure it is built upon the appropriate values and is in firm standing. When a building topples they don’t blame the top floor, they look at the foundation. If you ignore the basics, your growth is unsustainable.

No matter what I add to my magical repertoire nothing will top the empowerment I got from my first year of casting spells. Nothing will light me up like the moment I discovered that moving energy is real. When I tap back into these moments where my current beliefs were born, I can do anything. We all have to travel the rollercoaster ride of success and failure so we can value and find gratitude in what we have accomplished so far. Revisiting your basics, your foundation reminds you of what is important and gives you the energy for your next step.

September 2016 is the perfect time to check back on your foundation. With the squaring of Saturn and Neptune, you are being forced to look at where you started versus where you think you are. There is a lot of power in utilizing those basic skills and bringing your expanded experience to them. Think about what you would have done with your first successful spell, combine that with what you know today, and then do it! Doing just that is what this month’s Witches Union Spell Box and Spell Caster Club Cards are all about.

The Honey Jar spell box is one of the first and easiest spells I have ever done. Just imagine if you take those basics and see where it leads you. Can you sweeten your boss to you? Can you sweeten your biggest client and ensure their loyalty? How about sweetening up your neighbor to you so they stop throwing trash on your lawn? You know you catch more flies and all.

The two Spell Caster Club Cards are the first spells many of you have done; On Ice and Make a Wish. I amped those two basic spells up beyond their original foundation. All of the Spell Caster Club Cards are a take on a basic spell with a Coventry spin. How will you amp up your favorite foundational “basic” spell this month? Don’t pass up the opportunity!