Deal with your fear and feel invincible

Deal with your fear and feel invincibleEvery now and again I get a flurry of inquiries about psychic protection. Are you teaching a class? What crystals should I carry? Which candle do I need for my situation? I was told I need a spiritual cleansing, what’s that? These questions often come from people just learning about energy.

It freaks them out to know that their back luck or illness could be the result of someone sending them negative energy. Talk about adding to their already hyper paranoia around personal safety. Now they feel burdened by having to monitor their energy, the energy in the room, and the energy someone may be sending to them. Is there a lifelock for that? Thank goodness, I can give you a resounding YES! There are three major areas we find we need assistance in protection and there is a candle for that.

Negative influence coming from outside of us

On a personal level, there may be someone who just doesn’t like us. It may be because they are angry with us. Or they may be jealous or competing with us. Their negative thoughts and emotion are projected out and land right in our aura and set off all kinds of alarms and reactions. We certainly can feel it and sometimes we become completely unhinged about it. We may find ourselves feeling angry, unsure, afraid, sick, or cursed. We can and should protect ourselves from the damaging energy they are sending. Other outside influences can be less personal. Let’s say there is a negative Nellie in the office who finds a problem with everything and shares her displeasure openly. After a while, everyone starts to feel it. Everyone can and should protect themselves from the soul-sucking vibe she’s filling the room with. Outside influences are handled by setting energetic boundaries. You can do this with an action, a mental suggestion, a room spray, lighting a candle, wearing crystals, wearing oils, and saying prayers or affirmations. Use our Smudge Wicked Good room spray to uplift the energy in the room, and our Blessed Herbal Protection candle to create an energetic protective boundary around the aura. We also have to learn to stand up for ourselves when being victimized. Remember to ask forgiveness when we’ve wronged the person sending the evil eye and for those negative Nellies, consult the employee handbook. There may be a company policy to the rescue.

Protection needed is from our own self-inflicted negative influence

They include our own habitual fears, cynicism, and self-doubt. This is where self-sabotage rears its ugly head and breaks everything we create. This month Jacki wrote an excellent Spell for protecting yourself from self-sabotaging activities. Get this spell from your local purveyor of Coventry products or by placing an order on the website. You can also anoint your wrists with Sweet Grass world magic oil to increase gratitude for what is going right for you or burn a Lakshmi World Magic candle to clear your mind and aura of too much negative thinking.

Negative influence is from the mental ethers

Imagined influences, groupmind, and mass hypnosis are also part of how we experience destructive energy. It can be the direct cause of why we participate in something out of character for us. When we are weak-willed or straight up give our will over to someone else, we are no longer driving the bus. What we think and feel is under someone else’s control. Sometimes it feels awesome and quite a thrill, other times it pulls us into a nightmare we desperately wish to wake up from. If you believe you are trapped in mass hypnosis, start questioning what you are doing, think outside the box you are in, and assert your authority over the situation. You can also invoke the help of Ganesha the opener of roads to help you get out from under its influence. Light our Lakshmi World Magic candle and ask to be cleared of all the negative influences being impressed on your mind that originated from the collective consciousness. Then remove yourself from the situation to give yourself time to detox and reorient to who you are and what is important to you as an individual. Now that you have cleared the air, so to speak, get yourself a Witches Union Protection Invocation Patch, follow the instructions, and wear it proudly. It will send the message that “don’t start none, won’t be none.”