Divine Love Fixes Everything

Divine love fixes everythingThere is no higher love than divine love. When the chips are down and you need support, calling upon divine love is your ticket. It doesn’t matter if you are in need of a change of thought, your emotions need balancing or you need a reset with your physical condition, the power of love is real and can work miracles in your life.

On one condition though, you have to ask for help and let it in. Many of us forget to let it in. We all deserve to be loved and if you are feeling so beat up that it is hard for you to allow love in, we have a candle for that.

Healing is about lifting your vibration.

This is done by filling your aura and chakra with spiritual light and changing the way you think, feel, and act. Where ever you carry lower energies like fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, and envy your little cells and atoms have lost their light and can’t help you feel vibrant and loved. Spiritual light equals life and where you lack life, your body starts to die, your mind gets dull and your emotions fall out of balance and can become your worst nightmare.

These lower energies pollute your thoughts and feelings first and then start to influence your life in many ways. It doesn’t matter if they started with others or came from within your own heart. These lower energies vibrate very slowly and get stuck in your energy field. Over time if they are not dealt with, they will solidify and start to become a cancerous mass, infection, hypertension, depression, or any other disease or illness. This is why you hear over and over again, you can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought, word, or feeling. When one happens, you need to deal with it quickly while it’s still fresh and easier to release.

If you do find yourself already dealing with an illness, trauma, or disease, you can still heal. It will take attention, time and you guessed it, divine love. Getting in touch with divine love is easier than you may think. Many believe we need to be spiritual or religious. Sure they are pathways to God, the source of divine love, but not one individual who asks for help is turned away. Not even on their worst day.

No worries, Love comes to us all.

Love is everywhere and in everything. The strongest sources of love are from God. Then love is found in nature, then animals, and then people. I put people last because we were given free will. This gift has put us all on an amazing journey of evolution and that makes people kind of tricky. The ones who have learned how to love themselves and want to share it with others are the ones to go to for help. Nature just oozes love all the time. Take a walk in the woods and notice how your blood pressure comes down and you feel a sense of peace and even connection with the woods itself. Not a walk in the woods kinda person? Then go spend some time with animals (domesticated ones are the easiest). Animals are not judgmental and share their unconditional love easily. It gets even better after you’ve bonded with them.

Receive Diving Love Candle Ritual

Tthis will help you lower your resistance and open the way to healing all the reasons you are feeling isolated and unloved. Yes, it takes a willingness to surrender that you don’t know everything. In the surrender, we soften your need to be in control. This is definitely faith in action. Especially if you don’t have a religious or spiritual foundation yet. Don’t worry about that. Just ask for help. Your quality of life depends on it. You will need a Blessed Herbal Attraction Love candle, Love Chakra Magic Spray and Neroli Energetic Oil, Love Magic Witches Union patch.

  1. Decide when and where to do this candle ritual and make sure you won’t be distracted or disturbed. Set aside 15 minutes, but you can go longer if you wish. Make this space a place that makes you happy and peaceful.

  2. Prepare your Attraction love candle by anointing it with Neroli Energetic oil. This oil has the ability to banish negative thinking. It’s always a good idea to deal with and release your negative thoughts. Put your candle in a candle holder. Before lighting the candle, take three deep cleansing breaths and let all thoughts of stress and trauma fall away. If you are challenged with this, ask that the more difficult memories be put in a bubble and placed in your Akashic record room or on the altar of God. You should notice your mind and emotions start calming down right away.

  3. Now stop thinking about that situation. Light the Attraction Love candle and say a prayer. Here is a suggestion. “The path of life is filled with love, I accept that love and ask it to fill me, bless me, heal me, and flow along with me every step of the way of my life.” If you’d like, you can mist your heart chakra area with the Love Chakra Magic spray. It will help you become more receptive.

  4. Begin visualizing pink light flowing from above and surrounding you. Get very detailed in the visualization. Imagine the quality of the color pink to be a deep rose pink and feel the unconditional love and acceptance it brings to your mind and emotions. See it coming straight down from a place far beyond your conscious awareness. See it surround your aura and then start filling your aura and then your physical body.

  5. Now visualize it filling all of your chakras completely. Start at the crown and then flow into the Third Eye, now the throat, next your heart chakra, now the solar plexus, next the sacral chakra, and lastly the root chakra. Now see the pink light flow down your legs to below your feet and fill your earth chakra. Now visualize it flowing back up to fill your aura again. Let the deep rose-pink light cycle up and around you while you repeat the prayer. Do this as many times as you desire.

  6. When you are done, ask that the light is anchored, sealed, and protected in your aura, chakras, and body. Give thanks for this blessing and ask again to be protected spiritually. Then ask that your family and friends also be loved and protected.

  7. After the meditation is complete, sit for a moment to let everything settle and you feel ready to engage in the world again. Get the Witches Union Love magic patch, activate it with the ritual provided, and use it as a reminder that you are loved so much you can not only face your life, you will thrive. Now go out and have an amazing day.