Dreams Really Do Come True

Dreams really do come trueIf we are responsible for creating our own reality, why do I have so many issues or any issues at all? Fair enough questions for a short-sighted bloke like me. What I’ve learned about life so far is, our reality was created yesterday.

By the time we are experiencing it, it’s a done deal. By yesterday, I mean all the days before today. We are still reaping the rewards from thoughts, actions, reactions, and beliefs from the past. This includes the choices we made.

Our tomorrow is being created, right now and right now and right now. The only chance we have at having a tomorrow that meets our standards is paying attention to what we are doing, deciding, and thinking right now. It’s called being mindful. On my nightstand, I have a small book of statements about being mindful.

It's training wheels for the unconscious creator.

Each page prompts me to pay attention to what is around me. When I do that, I am being trained on how to be mindful. I am also asked to be mindful of my feelings, reactions, and actions I take because of them. All of this paying attention causes me to be consciously aware of the life I created for myself. This opened my eyes to how I can influence my day-to-day and found that to be a very calming activity.

Benefits of being mindful

Increased mental flexibility, and becoming aware of more options (creativity), literally thickens the frontal cortex of your brain. When this happens, we are more apt to follow through with our plans to reach our goals. - Ending Emotional Eating by Jennifer L. Taitz, PsyD

People who practice mindfulness report feeling more joy in life and so, less suffering. We are more connected with our reality. This is because we are in the present moment. When we allow ourselves to be filled with the pain of the past or the anxiety of what the future may bring, we are unable to experience what is going on now to its fullest. We also may find we are responding to events that are not really happening. We are in our imagination but we are having an emotional, mental, and physical reactions to them.

Being mindful puts us into conscious creating and the outcomes are very different. I equate doing a spell or a candle ritual to being mindful. As we follow the steps we are fully present in the process and thinking about what we are doing and making choices that are directly related to the outcome we desire. It also helps us recognize our fears. This is important because we really don’t want to manifest our fears. We gotta get that jazz sorted out and extinguished before we put flame to candle and state our intentions.

Our candle magic ritual for becoming a conscious creator requires a, Dragon's Blood Witch's Brew candle to empower your emotions, an Evil Eye Witch's Brew candle to keep your eyes on the prize, a Wished Wicked Witch Mojo candle to remind you to wish from your healthy dreams and desires. A Magical Adept Witch's Union patch.

If you didn’t know this already, I’m glad I’m telling you now. Our emotions power our thoughts. Our thoughts direct the energy. Energy is the stuff our stuff is made of. When you wish upon a star, populate your vision board with images, or select your candles to make some magic happen you have to have your ideas and your emotions aligned. We are going to invoke the magic of the Dragon’s Blood candle to rev our engines. Get ready to increase your passion for your idea. Keep this candle burning so your emotions will stay up and positively poised, especially when challenges and setbacks pop up. Now spark up the Evil Eye candle to both protect your vision and to make sure you keep your focus and stay mindful in every moment. Don’t let “shiny” cause you to put your energy in the wrong tea cup. Last but not least, light a Wishes Wicked Witch Mojo candle to support your emotions and your belief that dreams do come true for those who don’t give up easily. This little candle will make sure your dream is attached to a shooting star straight to God's Altar guaranteeing your prayers are heard. Proudly wear your Magical Adept patch and when people ask you about it, let them know you are actively making magic every day.