Getting the Psychic Engine Running

Getting the psychic engine runningOctober, how I love thee! It’s not just the boots I get to wear, or the Halloween decorations I get to put up or wear. It’s my job and my passion gets so much easier. The witches say that in this season the veil between the worlds gets thinner, meaning psychic energies are stronger and spirit communication is easier.

This is the perfect time to explore your psychic talents on a deeper level.

Dive in right now, open up your psychic centers, and tune in to what universal channel you are picking up on. Generally, you are picking up on the vibes of your own life and the people that are immediately around you. Trying to get a read on the whole universe is too much data and becomes white noise you cannot interpret. Take a moment, right now and tune into one specific thing and start interpreting those vibes. Then ask to see if they are true.

Tuning in psychically is not an exact science, nor is interpreting the messages you get. For many psychics, it's like getting impressions of a moment – colors, shapes, and general “knowings.” As they practice and talk about what they are seeing, they get better and better at interpreting the messages that come in. Even the top psychics that are natural-born talents had to learn how to work with the information they are getting. They have their exercises to open up, be a clear channel and tune in to the right information. There are so many personal ways to do that, yet there is one thing that everyone agrees on:

“I shut up so I can listen”

Slow down your mind to tune up the psychic engine. For many this is easier said than done but for every person, there is a method of meditation that will work for them. It may be a quiet moment where you limit your sensory input. It may be a mantra that you can sink into, for some it may be a walk that slows the brain down. The point is, to slow your thinking to quiet your mind. When you quiet your mind, you can hear the divine, you can hear the psychic input. Try it now.

Breathe… just breathe. Count your breath in and out – in-1- 2 …. Out-1-2. Let it become in-1-2-3… out-1-2-3. See how slow you can get it while remaining relaxed. Now let your thoughts just float in and out without hanging onto them. When you realize you are circling a thought, let it go. You know it will come back when you need it. When your brain feels like it is settled – tune into your environment and let the vibration tell you a tale.

It comes in mental impressions like memories. Vague, gentle, thoughts that if you tug on them become more substantial. Try it now, and see what you get. Now see if it’s real, ask around. If it doesn’t pan out, tell them your impression and see if it means something else. You are learning your prompts this way and building your skill.

You, my witch, just earned your Psychic Witches Union patch! Just in attempting this little exercise, you go it, you are psychic!

You can amp it up at home with your favorite divination tool and the Chakra Magic Answers candle to work on your 3rd eye. This is magic and you are doing it! Now keep it up all month and your skills will increase 100fold.