Healing Spells in Times of Crisis

Healing magic is not glamorous and is usually not what brings people to the world of spell crafting. Yet, healing spells are what will help you keep it together in times of crisis or help put yourself back together after major trauma. It’s also not a skill you want to master while navigating said crisis which is why many teachers weave the importance of healing magic into every lesson bit by bit.

This Magic 101 article is another strand in the tapestry of your magical mastery and is simple, yet not easy. Finding your center and your connection to the divinity while in the midst of an emergency can be difficult. The energy around you is swirling, emotions are a fractured mess, you are in fight or flight mode, and chaos reigns the moment. Where do you even start? How do you get grounded in this moment and find your calm center? How do you switch your energy from reaction to caring for yourself and others? Prep and practice are how.

As a young witch getting used to the growing awareness of the energy in and around me, so much felt like chaos. Shopping malls, family or friend gatherings, emotional fights with my loved ones, stressful work situations, etc. The more energy I could sense that was not my own, the more discordant my own energy and emotions felt. This was normal for my growing psychic senses and I had an excellent teacher who started me on a path of healing magic to get my energy in order. She showed me how to add in tools as needed to create healing spells on the fly. Here are the basics you too can play with.

Pulling my aura in -  Your aura, in a rested, healthy state is egg-shaped around you, about twelve inches away from your body. Through life’s interactions, your aura can get stuck, attached, and stretched for various reasons. Travel, concern over someone’s well-being, desire to control a situation, feeling unwell or interference from another person can pull your aura out of shape. The good news is that your aura can snap right back into place with intent, meditation and practice. 

Start by stating that you are clearing your aura of anything that does not belong to you and run your hands over the space in front of your body, behind your body, to the sides of your body, above your head, and below your feet. Stand (or sit) with your arms out wide and invite your aura to return to you, letting go of anything connected to it as it returns to you. Focus on it returning to its natural size front and back, left and right, top and bottom. As your aura shrinks back, hug your arm around yourself welcoming your aura back home. 

You can do this exercise anywhere and even on the fly. In times of great stress, I have done this in the car, at the dinner table, and I have even done this in the bathroom when I needed to really center myself. I also have a stone I carry with me that is programmed to help me pull in my aura. I hold it when I do this exercise to program it to assist me when I need to pull in my aura in a hurry or when I am stressed.

Speaking of finding my center, this next simple exercise is a way to connect with your center, your true, core, divine self. You start by doing a deeper meditation multiple times and, when you need to find your center in a hurry, the spiritual muscle memory will kick in. 

Finding my center - Set yourself up for a quiet self led visualization. Get comfortable with your feet on the ground and your hands on your heart center. Take three slow deep breaths, relaxing with each one. Keep your breathing slow and steady and visualize your heart chakra expanding until it surrounds you in an emerald green light. It pulses with every breath. All of your worries and emotional stresses dissolve away. You know that you stand in the center of your true, divine self and that you are not alone. You travel with the divine Mother and Father god and they stand at either side of you, guiding you when you ask them to. 

Breathe them into every cell of your body and watch as your heart chakra shrinks down to normal size. You are now anchored in your center, you know your truth and can move forward with calm confidence. 

As you build that spiritual muscle memory around this exercise, all you have to do is put your hands over your heart with the intent to center yourself and you will find yourself grounded with a calm peace. From this state, it is easier to find solutions, see the bigger picture, see through the pain that another is responding with and not retaliate. 

Getting grounded in a flash - There are many grounding techniques, but this one is perfect for when I am under pressure, feeling ambushed, attacked, or don’t have time to go through all the steps for grounding. All you need with this technique is attitude. 

Start with your hands on your hips and stomp your feet out into a wide stance with soft (no locked) knees. This gets you into an immediate power stance and connected with earth energy. This wide stance with soft knees makes you buoyant in the field of someone else's energy so it does not hit you head-on and your energy can move out of the way if you are being attacked. Kind of like a Tai Chi move of the spirit. 

You can do this in a chair, even if your feet cannot touch the ground. Hands on hips, puffing up the chest, sinking your spine down and rooting it to the earth is the visualization you need to get anchored and grounded. 

All of these bits of energetic magic are the beginning moments of healing as well as the beginning moments of many spells. This healing magic gets you through the crisis, allows the trauma to move past without destroying you, and helps you maintain boundaries. 

Practicing this will build that spiritual muscle memory for when you are too stressed to remember that lavender helps relieve stress and chamomile will calm you. Your spirit will naturally do these things and protect you from harm.