How To Boil a Frog - Avoid Calamity Creep

How do you boil a frog? Very slowly. Avoid calamity creep and keep your home clear.The minute you think that your house couldn’t use a cleansing is the exact moment it needs one. Energy that can sap your energy can creep up on you, a little at a time, until WHAMMO – you are in a calamity type of crisis.

Every day, you bring home junk energy from work. You bring home that stressful moment on the road. You bring home other people’s energy without knowing it and when you hit the front door of your sanctuary called home you dump it in relief. All this collects and you get a new bunch every day.

What normally happens is that energy dissipates over time and can also be displaced by laughter and love. But what happens when you have a few bad days in a row, get sick, or get lingering bad news? The energy collects a little at a time until you are behaving out of character and can’t figure out why life is such a calamity!

This is how you boil a frog, by raising the temperature a little at a time until the poor frog doesn’t know it’s about to be dinner. You, just like the frog, know when you jump into a hot situation you should jump right out! But when you start with a slow simmer, you can be caught unawares.


Avoid that calamity easily with a few witchy tricks:

  1. Use Wicked Good Smudge or Karma Kleaner spray when you get home (or even when you get in your car). Leave the junk outside and enjoy your personal time without the struggle of work or other stresses behind.

  2. Touch wood. Before you step into your home, touch a tree or even the grass to allow the earth to unburden you.

  3. Sweep the floors after an argument or tense moment. This can be a real sweeping with a broom and dust pan (discard the dust outside) or a witchy sweeping with a handcrafted broom or besom. Witch sweeping can be the air swept out a window or door.

  4. Do the dishes. Decomposing food, even if recently left behind, brings in rotting energy and no one needs that.

  5. Light a Happy Home Blessed Herbal Candle to fill your space with lots of love. 

  6. Listen to good comedy and laugh your butt off. Laughter lightens the load!

Stay away from calamity creep and your days will run a bit smoother and your nerves will be solid. Make this a part of your weekly habits and you will be rewarded in ways you cannot imagine because your energy is freed up for fun and creative things.