How visualization fails you….

You may have heard about this thing called visualization, where you spend time focused on what you want your ideal outcome to be. If you were a pole-vaulter, you would see yourself sailing above the pole and landing perfectly in the sand.

If you were a performer, you would see yourself moving through the performance with all of your lines perfectly executed. If you were working on attracting something to yourself, you would visualize yourself using it over and over again. Spending 30 quiet minutes a day visualizing is optimal for visualization. Does that work for you or does that fail you?
Experts in meditation and positive thought like Jack Canfield say that visualization activates your creative subconscious, programs your brain, and builds your motivation. This mental rehearsal of visualization can be very powerful… up until you neglect to act upon it.

Visualization will fail you if you never take any action. You must be the change. You must be the pole-vaulter who jumps not only every day but for hours and hours a day. You must be the performer who rehearses for hours a day. You must be the spiritual seeker that faces their sabotage, fears, and limitations before their visualization has a place to manifest.

The only thing that sabotages a visualization from manifesting is fear. Fear prevents you from taking authority over your own life and realizing that you can be successful again and again without punishment. We fear that we can’t do it and we fear that we can do it. The fear of success can be lined with old experiences of negative repercussions when you win. That can be just as debilitating as being afraid of failure.

Visualization can fail if you don’t take action to support your visualization and if you think that once is enough for any step. Visualization is a rinse-and-repeat kind of action and the more you do it, the more powerful your actions are. Combine those steps with tools like the Intuition Affirmation Candle, Problem Solving Blessed Herbal Candle, the Healing Blessed Herbal Oil, or the High John Motor City Hoo Doo oil to help you overcome your fears and are now on the fast track to making your dreams a reality.