Living a prosperous life… it isn’t about the money.

If prosperity is simply a state of mind, why am I not stinking rich? -Jacki SmithIt’s about the money and it’s not about the money. Prosperity is more of an emotional state than a physical one. It’s a mental, emotional, and magical shift that has physical results. I know this because I did it and the world shifted around me to accommodate.

If prosperity is simply a state of mind, why am I not stinking rich? 

To live a prosperous life, you have to let go of poverty. Poverty as an emotional state is abundant when you are struggling. It’s so abundant that I watch people apologize for having moments of financial success. “Yeah, I’m doing better, but I still struggle.” I have even caught myself feeling bad about hitting my financial goals and treating myself to a well-earned reward. That is where my belief in my poverty rears its ugly head. We have to let go of the guilt of success, the nobility in poverty, the holiness of self-denial, and the habit of always feeling there will never be enough to start the journey of prosperous living.

If you grew up with the Christian Bible, like me, you were taught that the meek shall inherit the earth and that poverty was more divine than wealth. I’m not going to argue the merit of those bible passages, but what I am going to say is they were the cornerstone of my beliefs. That I would never financially prosper and that wealth would eat my soul. For many of us, there is an underlying issue of feeling deserving, worthy, and comfortable with prosperity of any kind. If this is at your core, no amount of money magic is going to sustainably change your situation. You will achieve success until it hits against the belief that you are not prosperous and succumb to your fears of material abundance. Then you do this dance again and again to feed the money magic machine.

If you are lacking in financial prosperity, the odds are you are struggling with this or at least a variation on this theme. It’s ok – so many of us are struggling and it’s a club I have no joy in being a member of. To get out of this poverty trap, you have to begin the healing journey one dollar at a time.

In my ongoing healing journey around money and prosperity, I had to bravely face my fears around money. These fears were not laid out on a platter in a tidy manner for me to address one at a time. Oh no, they came up in ugly chaotic ways during some of my most successful moments. I landed a huge new client and then my equipment broke and my profits went to fix that. I had a successful festival and we discovered that the taxes were higher than expected. You know the story, you get a bonus and then the car breaks down. It is the like you were living the lyrics of “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette.

We have to start our journey to prosperity with the assumption that we are here on this earth to thrive and grow.

When you start with any other assumption – you cannot thrive, you can only survive.

In my book, Coventry Magic, Chapter 6, I talk about the “7 Steps to Creating Personal Magical Evolution” This process takes you through the magical healing journey in a way that is tailored to you at this moment. Let’s take these 7 steps and look at them through the prosperity lens (And the candle to go with). Meditate and journal about your insight on each step and then grab a copy of Coventry Magic to go deeper into understanding.


  1. Getting comfortable in your own skin – (Stability Blessed Herbal Candle) You must be balanced and grounded in the circumstances you find yourself in today. You do not have to like it, but you must know where you are so you have a benchmark to work from.

  2. Letting go of limiting beliefs (poverty) – (Needed Change Blessed Herbal Candle) Most people have been brought up with a reality of the need and limited resources. This belief can sabotage your prosperity magic and destroy your dreams. There is unlimited abundance waiting for you.

  3. Clearing negative patterns – (Healing Blessed Herbal Candle) You have built up a reserve of negative, self-sabotaging patterns you will be clearing for years to come. Call them out and they will not be able to face the light of your spirit.

  4. Writing your own ticket –(Problem Solving Blessed Herbal Candle) If you do not know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? Write your own ticket and the universe will provide the map.

  5. Clearing your path - (Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal Candle) You know you are on the right path when you come upon internal or external roadblocks. We actually look for roadblocks to give us excuses for a diversion from our goals.

  6. Multiply your desire – (Heart Blessed Herbal Candle) You have your plan, your open path, and your courage, all you need to stir in is your absolute love and commitment to your goal. The heart center is the place where dreams are born.

  7. Actualize your magic (receive abundance) – (Prosperity Blessed Herbal Candle) Align yourself with the energy of prosperity by finding what you are currently grateful for. This energy opens the door for more prosperity to enter and you have the key! Open your eyes, ears, and heart and watch as prosperity moves on in!

These steps don’t necessarily play out in order – you experience them organically over and around and back again. Some steps go faster, some need more love and care. Above all else, experience, play, and pop the hood of your emotions and see what might be misfiring. Be brave, talk it out, cry it out, and demand better for yourself. This is a worthy journey and worth the self-care it takes to get there.