Magic Mastery is Practice, Practice, Practice

Beginner's luck is when there are no expectations, no worries about rules or winning, and a lack of judgment of your own expertise. You are relaxed and open to anything and that is ripe for magical manifestation. Attempt that same thing a second time and you now have an expectation that chips away at the magic of innocence. Learn the rules of the game and now you have a sense of judgment and you erase all luck and move into the land of skill. Both are magical, they are different types of magic; one of innocence and one of mastery.

It is in the space between beginner's luck and magical mastery that many give up a core magical tool, belief. Belief in themselves, in spirit, and in the abundance of energy that can be shifted and moved to a specific outcome. This is where the real magic happens and where we need to practice, practice, practice. The time and space between beginner’s luck and mastery is where your own book of shadows (or journal) gets created through recording your failures and successes. This is the space where wisdom is built.

Many years ago, in a reading with a client, they wanted to know what book to read to know what I know. Looking behind me at the shelves of books, they expected me to pull out my favorite author or even my own book. I pulled out a blank notebook and handed it to them and said, “Read this book once you fill it up with your own magical notes.” There are no two spiritual teachers that agree on everything. There are no two spells that can be cast exactly the same way. There are, however, standard practices that get pulled into your own personality and energy signature. Noticing, recording, and practicing how they work with your energy is the beauty of your own magical journey. 

In my young witch days, I kept many notebooks – one for spells, one for research, one for tarot, one for other divination, one for dreams, one for conversations and classes, and one for general journaling. There was much crossover as notes were taken in the notebook closest to me. In all honesty, I was not a loyal and diligent note taker. Yet, looking back through my notebooks, I am grateful for any and all notes, even the rambling ones. My favorite notes are where I wrote down the spells I cast and journaled my observations on the results a week, month, and even a year later. Was that spell a success? Did I do supporting spells? Did I get any unwelcome surprises?

As I re-read those notes from decades past, I saw similar issues approached with different types of spells. I saw the experience gained through practice. I saw insights into what herbs, oils and colors work best with my energy. I learned where I blocked myself over and over again. I saw my practice, practice practice. 

Next time you look up a spell to attempt, take down a few notes: 

What was your need, emotional state, ideal outcome, stated intent?

The ingredients used, Moon phase, day of the week, time of day, month, and year. 

What room you are in, who else is in the house, what distractions are around you, what happened today at work, and what you have to go do next? What was influencing your energy?

What observations do you have during the spell? How did you feel afterward? How did you sleep? What did you dream about? How did you feel the next day?

Check in the next evening - how did you feel that day? 

Check in the next week - What did the spell influence? Did you follow through on all the steps in the spell?

Etc - you get it. Practice.

Magic isn’t one and done. Magic is not a formula of if you do this then that will happen. Magic takes a round-about course and to understand it, you have to pay attention to how it responds to your world. You are a magical artist and you can compare techniques with other magical artists and together uncover or create an unknown path. Give yourself the present of taking your beginner’s luck and turning it into magical mastery. Not only do you have it within you to do it, but you are also truly worth it.