Nine Ways to Increase Quality Time with Ghosts

Keeping the psychic lines openAll month we’ve been swimming in the astral sea of ancestors and spirit guides because the thin veil has made it possible to make those special connections. I hope you were able to rekindle fond memories and quiet conversations with loved ones who’ve passed.

By now the veil is closing on easy access to the astral realm and it will be a little harder to reach out to those on the other side.

Unless your psychic powers are ramped up, the time of sweet dreams and communication with ancestors is much more limited.

Still, you can keep the love light shining with an altar dedicated to them. Our ancestors want to help us and remind us that life continues after death, but in a different way. Sure they have lots to do over there, but they still check in and send us love and encouragement. Creating an altar is about making a focal point for them. Instead of them expending precious energy looking for you, your altar can be like a telephone booth. You show up at your altar at a regular time, say your prayer and they will do their best to answer or just hang out with you and beam love to you.

In the Hoo Doo tradition, we are taught that fresh flowers, fruit, and favorite foods provide a little energy for your ancestors and help them to increase their signal. Even a cup of coffee or a shot of Johnny, Jim, or Jack (or their favorite spirit) can do the trick. It’s also very helpful to put items on your altar that remind you of them. My Uncle played cards like nobody's business, so of course, there is a deck of cards with a royal flush spread out. I’m sure that makes him smile every time he visits. My other uncle was a locksmith, so there is an old lock on the altar too. Most of this stuff and the pictures are there to keep us connected to the lives they lead. All of the tokens that represent their skills, talents, and interests help them to remember who they were as well.

Of course, our ancestors have to keep moving on their spiritual journey and there will be a time when they won’t be able to answer the call any longer. That’s ok. It’s not good for us to stay in the past for too long. I’ve had people skilled in mediumship tell me that my mother is kinda busy and will only be able to pop in for a visit now and again. She did tell me to think of her when I see white daisies. And who doesn’t smile when they see white daisies? Daisies are a delightful placeholder for my mom and the perfect flower to put on my ancestor altar.

While you still have a connection with your ancestors and loved ones on the other side, here are some things you can do to keep the lines of communication as clear as possible.

  1. Pray for them and their upliftment. Ask the holy ones to help your loved one complete their journey to heaven and affirm that you look forward to a visit from them after they’ve healed.
  2. Forgive any transgressions on their part.
  3. Apologize for any transgression on your part.
  4. Honor their life
  5. Tell them you love them
  6. Sit at your altar and speak about fond memories of them when they were alive.
  7. Tell them what’s going on with your life now.
  8. Ask them for a sign that they can hear you.
  9. If you’d like, ask them for advice or assistance.

When you do feel them or get the sign you’ve been waiting for, acknowledge it. They are learning how to communicate with you too. And saying hi back is the validation they need that tells them it's working! Don’t be frightened or overly emotional, that will only interfere with the connection. The best times to call upon your ancestors are at night or first thing in the morning when it’s quiet and most people are in bed. There is less distraction for you and them. When making your date with your ancestor, first create a sacred space. You can do this by making a circle with chalk and sitting in the middle, asking the holy ones, like your guarding protector angel or Archangel Michael for protection. We have three great candles at Coventry Creations to use. The Affirmation Guardian Protector candle, Blessed Herbal Protection candle and the Hoo Doo Fiery Wall of Protection candle. Also, you can use our Blessed Herbal Ancestor candle to help lift your energy up so your ancestor doesn’t have to work so hard.