Power up your intent & find your motivation!

I have a question for you... Why is it you can meet some challenges and not others? Why is it you can set two goals of equal value and urgency and one of them gets totally tossed away and underserved? This is a question I ask myself all the time.

Actually, it seems to be one of the eternal questions... Why do we do what we do, when we do?

One reason is that in some challenges we set ourselves up to fail. When that challenge is not in line with our personal “Why” our core sense motivation and the identity we associate ourselves with we will block and sabotage it

We all have a deep sense of self, identity, desires, and passions and many of us have denied ourselves permission to live from that. So often we feel that our identity or destiny is complicated, deep, and near impossible to manifest. We are taught that ego, or having a sense of self and boundaries is bad and greedy and to avoid allowing any tiny bit of narcissism to peek through layers of service and compromise that we cloak ourselves with. We are often told that to love yourself first is narcissistic yet if you don’t love yourself first you will never find your “Why”. Yet it is in that tiny bit of narcissism that we can find the ego, bring out its positive aspects and start living in alignment with our true passions.

When you align with your personal “Why” you can start to act more instinctively, make decisions with less distress and really get your intentions and magic to line up with your purpose. It’s like peddling fast while going downhill with the wind at your back – no resistance baby! When you set your intent on something that your core self is NOT in alignment with you will fail, over and over again. Your core purpose, the mission of your ego, and your instinct will stand in the way and you will not get your wish. This is not to say give up, it is to say wake up! Understand yourself better and deeper and then you know how to frame your intent so it fits with you. This also helps you get deeper with your wants and desire and fine-tune them to your needs.

Have I scared you yet? It can be a scary thing to actually find your core self and take authority over your life. What happens if you actually find your “Why” and that increases your personal power? What happens if you accept that power and awaken? What happens when you realize parts of your life are not in alignment with your core self? It’s ok, you change. You change at a rate that makes sense for you to alter your life to create that place where your vision and passion can manifest.

You have created an amazing defense mechanism to hide your “Why” from yourself and to plow right into it can cause anxiety and confusion and lots of therapy. An easier way to peel back the layers of defense that stand sentinel to your fears is to ask questions and answer them. It is within the consistency of your answers that you will find that core why and core self. You can do this on your own by writing out your answers or you can find a trusted friend who will let you ramble a bit, keep you on track and record your answers without comment. You can also read the “Why Is That” section in the Coventry Magic book to get yourself started.

Let’s make this even easier and set up the energy in the room to help you release any resistance. Use the Witches Brew Oil to give yourself a boost in confidence, light a Truth and Justice, Stability, and a Protection Blessed Herbal Candle to help the truth come out while you feel solid and protected. Now start with answering the following questions:

What is the biggest challenge in your life?

What is the biggest frustration with that challenge?

What does happiness l mean to you?

What does being fulfilled mean to you?

What three things make you happy?

What are your favorite three things to do?

What is your biggest internal struggle?

What frustrates you the most about that struggle?

What is your biggest, scariest most outrageous goal?

What do you feel is missing from your life?

When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up to be?

What was your favorite pastime as a child?

Who influenced you the most in your life?

What was your favorite quality about them?

If money were no object, what would you do with your time?

Look at your answers, or have your friend review the answers with you and find the repeating theme in your words. Was there a sentiment that you returned to over and over again? Was there a common frustration? If so what was at the core of that frustration and what is your desired outcome for that frustration?

Pull out those items and then start crafting your personal “Why”, your core identity, and put it in a simple sentence.

(your passion) so that (catalyst) can happen.

For instance, my personal “Why” is; “I help awaken your personal power so you can take authority over your own life.”

A friend of mine has, “I help the unseen be seen and the unheard be heard to bring a balance to this world.”

Another friend had, “I find healing in every moment to show you it is possible to create the life that you want.”

Another friend is, “I create opportunities to show others they can be anything.”

Another is, “I want every client to get so much out of the joy of the experience that feeds them through their daily life.”

Most of these statements are from regular folks who just want to write a new ticket and create a life filled with experiences they choose. They are simple, straightforward, and clear. They give each person the power to say yes to what they want and more importantly say no to what distracts them from their core identity.

It’s now your turn to take charge of your experience, write your own ticket, and find out what you really want. Enjoy the journey and remember, you bring your party with you wherever you go.