Seed Level Change - Just Do it Anyway

I have been writing about change for the past few months because that is what I am mired in right now. It’s been my core experience all year long; between a changing organizational structure at Coventry, lectures I am attending, a transition of our core staff, my daughter being 16 years old, and that I just don’t recover from long hours like I used to.

It is so apparent how much the world has changed, from the incoming generation of workers and their needs to the new generation of consumers that change the marketing game.

Our changing spiritual market, the new technology out there, better management styles, and all the lifestyle changes I should be making are just putting me in a spin of what to address first.

I have recently stopped the presses, got a good chunk of time for quiet, and ask (or begged as it were) for guidance.   After much time letting my brain unwind, I was able to start looking at problems as lessons and messengers of change. Or looking at these changes as opportunities to get to the core; to the seed level of change I need to embrace to create the life I want.

We all have goals and fantasies and general “I Wants”, what we do is ignore the opportunities that arise where we could master and manifest these ideas. I am notorious for trying to squeeze a new reality into old behavior and it just doesn’t fit. It’s the square peg to the round hole that I have dug myself into. When you have a passion you are living, starting to live, or wanting to live, you have to look for the opportunities that help you evolve to a place where there is room for it in your life.  

Evolve, change, grow; I love and hate these words. These words can inspire the need to do something different and empowering, and then the negative voices go off to stop you in your tracks. The magic is to do it anyway. The seed level change that makes room for your passion to manifest is when you do it anyway.  You do it when your fear and negative self-talk and all of your excuses are deafening – that my friends is magic.

To help you (and myself) along the way to embracing the change that you asked for I use the following candles:

Success Affirmation - Of course this candle, successful change is what I am after.

Grief Affirmation – I have to let go of the fears, old beliefs, dreams, and wishes so I can get myself out of the hole I dug.

Goddess or Angel Affirmation – Don’t do this alone, ask your divine allies to assist you.


Jacki Smith

Founder & Enchantress

Coventry Creations, Inc.