Surviving Mercury Retrograde

livethemagic surviving mercury rxJanuary 5th, Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Aquarius and then reverts to the sign of Capricorn on the 9th until the 25th. This will be making big city trouble in small-town environments - problems that you never thought would affect you.

All of those group ideals and assumed agreements will start to fall apart because of flaws in communication. Humans may not be your favorite species during Mercury Retrograde, but you can overcome and counter the chaos that will be generated between Jan 5th and 25th.

You see, Mercury Retrograde is a blessing. If you embrace that this astrological aspect serves a deeper purpose other than just being an annoyance and setback. Mercury Rx shows you where your plan is faulty before it becomes irreparable. Retrograde gives you the opportunity to fix what is about to break. That check engine light is not going to repair itself and if you ignore it during retrograde you could need a new engine before the month is up. If you catch it right away during retrograde then you may just find the oil leak before it burns out your engine.

This month, with Mercury Rx in Aquarius and Capricorn you can remedy this by making sure everyone knows their roles and accountability in every situation. Don’t assume anyone will jump in where needed because they will be dealing with their own broken ideals. You will uncover where there are holes in your plan and where instructions need to be clarified - but don’t take it personally.

Take an active role in your energy in January and surround yourself with things that will smooth out crises’ and help people feel heard. The Wicked Good Sprays of Road Opener, Keep Calm and Karma Kleaner are going to be helpful in any environment where many people gather or work together.

Van Van oil and candle will be your best friend in keeping the energy flowing in a positive direction and you may as well get the new Mercury Retrograde Spell Box, make copies of the Mercury Retrograde symbol and prayer, and then put it in your cork bag, car, desk, under your couch or where people gather.

Don’t forget to take care of your own accountability and don’t get sucked into the minutia of your grievances and forget you need to relate to the whole world. Your frustrations will run the risk of trumping your common sense so keeping the Happiness Candle, votive or oil handy will help you get out of circular thinking and back to relating to the whole world.