The Sweetest Hangover - What to do after the Magic

December Live the Magic Spiritual HangoverThis first time I had a well-earned hangover I was given the advice to drink water, eat carbs and fill up on protein. The only thing missing from that advice is to take a nap about an hour after you wake up.

I don’t often engage in earning a drunken night hangover anymore but I have found that there are many other ways to earn that drawn-out, plastic, exhausted feeling that we classify as a hangover.

There are late-night hangovers, crying hangovers, headache hangovers, worked-too-many-hours hangovers, sugar-binge hangovers, and magical hangovers. Yup, magical hangovers are a real thing and not only I have had them, you probably have too.

In DIY Akashic Wisdom, Patty and I call them Spiritual Hangovers and they are what you get after an amazing, magical experience and you have to engage in the world again in all its imperfections and messiness. Spiritual hangovers are the point where you realize how much in your life you have to change to have the magic you generate fully manifest. It is the kick-in-the-pants reality none of us like and many of us avoid or deny.

But this is a sweet hangover because it means life can get better if you put in the work and take the steps that are scary and uncomfortable. You know a good, transformative spell is never comfortable. We cannot create profound change from the comfort of our illusions because your illusions (aka fears) will stop the magic from manifesting. Discomfort is that alchemical catalyst that promotes the transformation you are looking for.

Know that once you step back into the big scary world you will give yourself a choice, do you carry your magic forward and do the work it takes to manifest the next thing, or do you step back into your uncomfortable comfort zone?

The best thing for a spiritual hangover is the same thing you would do for any hangover; nurture yourself. Hydrate because you might have to cry and grieve over the changes you need to make. Eat the bread of life to fill up all of your empty spots with energy that will carry you through the transformation. Look for and surround yourself with quality substance (or people) that you can lean on and use in this journey as you will be experiencing new and uncomfortable ideas. Take rest breaks in your growth to let all parts of you catch up.

Having a magical aftercare kit will help this process: Stones to support your journey, candles to ease the transition into digestible bites, oils to keep your energy vibrating in this new way, and affirmations to remind your brain of this new ideal you are manifesting.

Try this combo the next time you have a big change:

Stability Blessed Herbal Candle, Road Opener Hoo Doo Oil, a quartz crystal to keep your energy up, and an affirmation (that you create) that represents your new ideal.

You will learn much on your magical journey as long as you keep walking it.