What is so healing about belonging to a community?

Alone I can go fast but together we go farI recently attended a weekend workshop with a group of about 160 people who I’ve been taking online classes with for the last 4 years. The weekend culminated in a ceremony to celebrate our accomplishments.

Many of us received certificates of completion. It was fun to get a certificate but it was also very beautiful to be with people who share the same interests and passions as I do. I say passion because we all have a deep love and respect for the subjects we were learning and for our teachers. There is nothing like being with like-minded people who are all working toward the same goal. We help each other, share ideas, get all geeked on the material, and reverently respect each other’s process.

The experience was hive magic in action. The level of cooperation and synchronicity was apparent, even in the chaos. Getting 160-plus people in and out of workshops is no small task. Both the organizers and the participants had to have the same goal in mind, a successful retreat, or the chaos would win. Getting a group like this together doesn’t happen by chance. People have to choose to be a team. Everyone has to take on a role and follow through. If they don’t, things tend to fall apart, and don’t get me started about the drama.

At Coventry Creations, the Witches Union patches were created to celebrate our accomplishments, and, like my certificate, they seal the deal to make it real. The spell found on the Hive Magic patch card was specifically written to help us find or manifest our hive or tribe or community so we can have the wonderful experience of working with people who share our interests, passion, or drive to reach a goal. On the patch, it says “Alone I can go fast, but together we go far.” This is to remind us that so much more is accomplished when we cooperate, share the burdens, and join our strengths and talents together to become one unified force. Just like the honeybee, we come together for the sake of the hive and what it represents. We join the collective consciousness or hive mind willingly because we believe in what we are doing. This guarantees that we will all be on the same page most of the time.

What is so healing about belonging to a community? Discovering our potential and facing challenges with friends is an opportunity to overcome personal limitations with zeal. We also begin to awaken our soul connection to the oneness and the spark within. The same spark is in everyone and connects us all to god and to each other.

The joy of being with like-minded people helps dissolve loneliness and brings a sense of purpose to our life. When we honor our calling we charge up our passion and that feels great because we get to put our talents to work and test them as well. The most healing aspect of working within a community is our opportunity to hone our godly attributes. They are patience, strength, compassion, courage, love, creativity, faith, and devotion. This month, follow the powerful candle ritual on the Hive patch and get ready to find your community and let your light shine. Include a Blessed Herbal Truth and Justice candle to seal the deal when it comes to finding your people.

Patty Shaw