Where did the fun go? A Witch's Guide to Finding Fun in a Stressed out World

April Live the MagicIt just hasn’t been fun lately. At times rewarding, profound, intense, and life-changing, but not fun. Even writing this Live the Magic article started out as serious. The theme this month is feeling overwhelmed and that is exactly how I am feeling right now.

I now know that an overwhelmed person writing an article on feeling overwhelmed is painful to write and even more painful to read. As I took a look at my first draft my initial response was, “I lost all my fun!” and all this deep seriousness is kind of draining. I put it away, whined to my friends, and then realized a rewrite was in order. Not just a rewrite but a refill of my soul with FUN! A guide to witchy fun is in order.


Now – where did I put those instructions on how to turn life into fun?

That’s right! They are right here in front of me in the Witches Union Products. How about that, I tricked myself 12 months ago to create my own fun by creating these new products. Thank goodness for inadvertently pre-planning because I need a rest from feeling overwhelmed right now. I need to make fun of the seriousness of life – are you with me? Let’s get started


The Witch’s Guide to Putting the Fun Back into Life

Smoke and mirrors! Start here with your glamour magic. Put on your witch-i-est outfit, all of it. Layer if you need to but put on all trappings of witchery you have; from the tip of your pointed hat to the tip of your pointed boots. Strap your witch on! Now, look at what is left over. It’s all serious stuff and desperately needs your glamour magic skills. It’s time to mix every muggle outfit with just a touch of witchery. If you are not sure where to start, I have just the thing – The Witches Union patches. Pop one on those on your favorite jacket or even make a brilliantly colored sash to show off how badass you are with your spellcasting prowess. All the witches in town will be sooo jealous!

What’s in your cauldron? There is a lot of amazing witchery that can be created in the kitchen. Just making a roast can be an exercise in spellcasting! You don’t have to be an amazing cook to find joy in kitchen witchery – you don’t even have to cook to cast that food spell. You just have to fill your cauldron with joy. Eat with gusto! Power up your popover and digest your spell until every cell in your body is magical! A quick way to start is to grab a Witches Union Coffee Cauldron to start your day with or remind yourself throughout the day that you are indeed a witch and act accordingly!

Drain the brain of what stresses you out. There is no shortage of annoyance in this social media world. Keyboard warriors and their unending opinions (yours included) can take up space in your brain and dull your spell-casting chops. Take a break from the digital and pick up your pen. There is a magic in taking pen to paper and giving your woes up to the goddess of inspiration. It’s a small price for a giant gain in clear thinking. How much easier is it to cast a few out-of-my-way spells when your brain is free of clutter? Grab a Witches Union Magic Journal for your witchy thoughts and flex your witch muscles in preparation for your next life-changing spell. What better way to pre-plan your fun?

Put the package altogether and amp up the fun! When you get your supplies together for casting some fun in your life, dedicate them to creating fun! Grab some Wicked Good sprays and Energetic oils and make it so: Cinnamon, Date, and Vanilla Energetic oils to anoint your tools with, and Dragon’s Blood spray to energize and make the fun happen!

Above all – have fun and bring your witch with you wherever you go!