Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11, 2022

Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11, 2022

We don’t talk about karmic lessons much, and the Full Moon in Aquarius gives us the perfect opportunity to do so. This Full Moon brings the energy of breakthrough. If you are stuck and don’t know the precise path forward, now is the time to focus and figure it out because you are well supported by the Moon, the Sun, Virgo, and Aquarius energies.  

Karma is our opportunity to face and master that sticky lesson that perplexes us. When you find yourself in a recurring theme or something that really pushes your buttons, it’s probably a karmic lesson left over from a past incarnation or life. It’s not always easy to know you are dealing with karma, but it’s a great idea to act as if you are. That means, do your best to learn and correct your thinking and behavior. This will keep you from adding karma or creating new karma. It’s a rare person who sees and understands the big picture and karma is very much part of it and involves many layers and nuances.  There is no way to avoid karma, it must be balanced and you must learn the lesson, but once you get it, it’s done forever and integrated by your soul.

Candle ritual for softening your karmic lessons

It’s not a question of whether or not you have karma, but more of how you will handle it. In this candle ritual, you will be petitioning the divine to soften the hard edges of your karmic lessons so you can face them with courage and determination. Get yourself three Blessed Herbal candles, Heart, Truth & Justice, and Spiritual Cleansing, three candle holders, a pen and paper for writing, and fresh white flowers in a vase of water. Finally, identify a difficult situation you need help with.

Start by setting up your sacred space and asking for protection of mind, body, and soul. Unwrap the candles and put them in the candle holders. Place the Spiritual Cleansing candle to the left, the Truth and Justice in the center, and the Heart candle to the right. Put the white flowers near you. Write out the situation you need help with on your paper and place it between you and the candles. Light the white candle (Spiritual Cleansing) first. In prayer, ask for purification of your mind and emotions so you can be objective and open to seeing the situation from a higher perspective. Be still while the purifying energy moves through your aura, then through your mind, your soul, and your emotions. Welcome this purifying energy and release any resistance sourced in fear, resentment, anger, or hatred. Release it into the flame of the candle. Look at the white flowers and let their vibration uplift you. Take your time and let the purification be complete.  

Next light the dark blue candle (Truth and Justice). While this candle burns, ask your mind to be illuminated with intuition about the best way to be in your situation. Don’t be surprised if you immediately reject what comes to you. You may even start fantasizing about what you want to have happen. Let those thoughts go and quiet your mind. Affirm that you are ready to hear the truth and listen to the still small voice within. You will know it by its calm, emotionless and fair words. You may even get a glimpse of the past that brought you to this point in your life. Be brave, face the truth and commit yourself to balance this karma knowing that you may need to make a sacrifice or two. Take your time with this part of the candle ritual. Make notes on your paper of the things that were helpful to you.

Now it’s time to light the lavender candle (Heart). This is the candle of forgiveness and fullness of heart and soul. Spend this time forgiving yourself and others. The truth will set you free, but forgiveness sets your soul free. Affirm that you don’t know everything about this situation and how you got here, but you are willing to do everything in your power to balance this karma with love, and compassion. Feel your own heart become full with the love of your spirit guides. They know the importance of this surrender and are supporting you now and always. If you come across a situation or person you can not forgive or if you are having trouble forgiving yourself, visualize yourself placing it in a bejeweled box and placing it on the altar of God. Let God do the forgiving you can not.  We don’t want you stuck because of this. Keep going, keep releasing, keep asking for help, and keep making better decisions. Stay humble in this process because being in the throws of balancing karma means you made a mistake in the past.

This candle ritual is now complete. You can always come back and do it again for another situation. Extinguish your candles, but light them again when you want to sit in the energy or work with another karmic lesson.   

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