Full Moon in Aries September 29, 2023

During this Full Moon, we have some exciting energies at play. Aries is a predominant figure and true to this sign, the energy is outgoing and forceful. Great for getting things started, but not so good when cooperation and seeing another’s point of view is what’s needed. Storm Cestavani also alerts us that Venus and Uranus will be in a square off. Combined with Aries energy, there could be trouble in paradise including a battle of the wills. If you see a drama in your future try this candle ritual to help you not throw the baby out with the bathwater.    

Candle Ritual for Staying Open-Minded

If you find yourself locking horns with someone a little too much right now, take a pause and do this candle ritual to soften your single-mindedness and be more open to seeing things from another's perspective.

You will need a Love Affirmation or Blessed Herbal Attraction/Love candle and candle holder. We also recommend keeping an Astro Magic Let it Go spray handy. Disrobe your candle and place it in a candle holder. Light it and invite love into the space, your mind, and your feelings. Let this beautiful vibe soften any tendency toward narrow-mindedness, selfishness, or aggression when in the middle of discord with another. Take a deep breath and let it go. Ask yourself if hurting another is worth being right. Try on what it’s like to be in their shoes while engaging with you. 

Now is the time to be more creative with your words when explaining your side and be sure to allow others more time with the talking stick. You learn the most about the situation when you listen. This could really be eye-opening for you.

To help you stay in balance while the Full Moon is in Aries, spritz the Let it Go Astro Magic spray in your aura and around the room.

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