Full Moon in Gemini November 27, 2023

During this Full Moon, we are juggling two major influences. The Full Moon in Gemini and Mercury square Neptune. We will need a little extra candle magic to get through the potential shenanigans.  

When Mercury squares Neptune, miscommunication is likely because dreamy Neptune can inadvertently scramble our minds and cause confusion. We will be challenged to share our thoughts clearly, plus we may not be as good a listener as we need to be.  There is a devilish side to Neptune as well, and its influence will make it easier for tricksters to deceive us. We will be cannon fodder to their folly because we are also more impressionable at this time. In addition to being very careful before you believe what you read or hear, we have a candle ritual that will strengthen your powers of communication in both speaking and listening.      

Candle Ritual for Crystal Clear Cognition

You will need an Astro Magic Mercury candle or Blessed Herbal Truth & Justice candle, an Aunt Jacki’s Fiery Wall of Protection candle or Affirmation Guardian Protector candle, and two candle holders. A very small jigsaw puzzle or any other puzzle, snow globe, or a pair of glasses.

This candle ritual will help you shift your mental state from confusion to crystal-clear cognition.

Step one: Create your sacred space to work in.  

Step two: Remove packaging from the candles and put each one in a candle holder.

Step three: Light the Astro Magic Mercury candle or Blessed Herbal Truth & Justice candle. Say the enchantment on the label or make one up. Your intention is to clear the clutter in your mind so you can think, speak, write, and listen easily.  

Step four: Clean the lenses of the glasses, solve the puzzle of your choice, or shake the snow globe. When you are finished or the snow has settled, go to step five.

Step five: Light the Affirmation Guardian Protector or Aunt Jacki’s Fiery Wall of Protection candle and say the enchantment on the label or make up one of your own.  The intention is to protect your mind from outside influences that distort, or intentionally try to confuse you. Keep your mind brilliant this full moon!

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