Full Moon in Libra April 6, 2023

A Full Moon in the sign of Libra is the time to decide if you’re going to let the haters continue to rain on your parade. This Libra Full Moon will shine the light on where you are blocked and who the block is. Be prepared if the answer is you. Sometimes we think it’s someone else when in truth, it’s us and our friends are trying to set us straight. Use this moon phase and the power of Libra to figure all this out and get back on the sunny side of the street.

Candle Ritual for Sorting Out Friend From Foe

For this ritual, you will need a Truth and Justice Blessed Herbal candle, Inner Balance Blessed Herbal candle, Ganesha World Magic oil or candle, and candle holders. Start by creating your sacred space in meditation. Unwrap the candles and set the packaging aside. Place the candles in candle holders. Say the blessing on the label or one of your own before lighting each candle. The idea is that you are asking for clarification in your relationships, including your relationship with yourself. The Truth and Justice candle will bring the truth to your awareness. It could come to you in different ways, like an observation you make, a message from someone, a dream, or a happenstance. The Inner Balance candle will help you stay centered and resistant to being over-emotional or easily influenced. The Ganesha candle or oil will help open the roads to what you need to know. Light the Ganesha candle or put the oil on the Truth and Justice candle and on your wrists.  

After you have completed the candle ritual, let the energy go out and do its work. Stay alert, listen carefully to conversations, and be extra mindful of your own thoughts and motivations. In two weeks, you will experience more clarity about the people in your life and your self-confidence will become stronger.

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