Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14, 2022

Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14, 2022

A full moon in Sagittarius is a great time to take a long hard look at your beliefs. Sag and the big bold and bright moon shine the light on your behavior and thinking patterns and will ask you, are they helping you, hurting you, or holding you back? No matter the source, be it from family or society, what you believe in and how you act on it, influences the way the details of your life unfold. 

Jacki and I have an amazing business coach, Lisa Mininni. Lisa’s take on beliefs in this blog is excellent. I’ll share the link. 


I particularly like the way she defines beliefs. “Beliefs are a state of mind in which you regard a thing to be true. It makes sense that if you regard a thing to be true, you’re more likely to take action consistent with that belief.”

In our book DIY Akashic Wisdom, Jacki and I devote a whole chapter to beliefs. Chapter twelve, “Hell no, we won’t go” is the battle cry of all the beliefs we put in place. At times, they help us keep up the status quo of the family, they keep us safe. Believe it or not, staying in our fear, leads us to believe we’ve made a safety net for ourselves. Now that’s interesting isn’t it Lisa?

I quote Lisa again, “The key is to become aware of what that belief is serving. It’s usually designed to protect us, keep us “right” or avoid pain. Sometimes it’s a matter of bringing awareness to it that’s in our blind spot and gently shifting it so that you see it, reframe it, and take action consistent with a possibility.” Que the segway to our candle ritual this month. Move out of the comfort zone of your limiting beliefs and into what is possible with this ritual of empowerment. 

Candle Ritual for Making Room for Possibilities

For this candle ritual, you will need three candles and three candle holders. A small potted plant, paper and pen, and our digital Coventry Creations Oracle deck. 

This ritual takes some pre-planning as you will be picking your candles first, and then purchasing them. Go to our online deck to pick your three cards. These cards will tell you which candles to use. Take a moment to define your questions. For example, you may have the belief that you are always being misled or cheated by others. Your question will be, why do I believe I am always being cheated and what do I need to do to clear that belief? Then select the Clearing category from the choice in the far left column. Next, choose the number three spread from the choices in the far right column. Click on next at the bottom of the center column. In the next screen, you will see all the cards laid out. Click on three cards. They will pop up in the left column. These are the three candles you will work with. The first card will show you which candle you need to overcome this challenging belief. The second card will tell you which candle will help you transform your fears into strengths, and the third card is the candle that will help you create what you desire. In other words, rewrite that limiting belief into something that is more true to who you are. 

When you are ready to light the first candle, take a small piece of paper and write down the belief you are releasing and place it next to the candle. Light the candle and let the color and fragrance open your subconscious mind to all the memories that supported your belief. As you bring them to your consciousness, visualize yourself releasing these thoughts no matter where they came from into the flame. Affirm that you are making room for new possibilities. 

Now light the second candle. While it’s burning, allow the fears to come up. Be kind to yourself and don’t get so into it that you cause panic or anxiety. Just observe and acknowledge them. Accept that they exist, but they no longer serve you or have power over you. Release the impact of this fear into the flame. Visualize that energy flowing out of you and into the flame and then being consumed by the flame. Now spend some time filling yourself with strength. Visualize yourself alert, clever, discerning, and willing to do research when you are not sure of the situation. See yourself asking questions, slower to say yes, and waiting until you are very sure. See yourself willing to take educated guesses instead of impulsive decisions. See yourself letting go of egotistical thoughts and behaviors that have gotten yourself taken advantage of before. When you feel complete, burn the list of beliefs you are releasing. Use the flame of the candle to ignite the paper. Please do this safely by putting the burning paper in a fire-safe container while it burns. Make sure to have a glass of water nearby. Flush the ashes or bury them outside.

Your third candle is about rewriting your script. Take out another small piece of paper and write out your new belief. Keep it positive and empowered. In our example of constantly being duped, this person was believing they were a victim. In reality, they were not really thinking for themselves. 

It's easy to be misled when you let someone else do the thinking for you. Now you are creating a stronger mind, understanding what you are about, and being true to yourself. When you are done, fold the paper up until it’s as small as it can be and plant it in the soil of your potted plant. As the plant grows, so will your empowered belief. You can also plant this piece of paper outside in your garden. 

We wish you well in your journey to becoming an empowered thinker. Please burn candles safely and never leave them unattended, in a breeze, or near flammable material, children or pets.

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