Full Moon in Scorpio on May 15, 2022

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 15, 2022

A full moon in the sign of Scorpio during a lunar eclipse definitely needs your attention or else you may not recognize yourself in the morning. The energy of this moon is akin to a werewolf moon as all kinds of demons from the past can come up to cause trouble for you again.

Plan to spend the weekend charging up positive affirmations with our candle ritual. They will nurture and hopefully heal the past and be free of it forever. With all personal work, you need to clear out the old before you can bring in the new. This ritual will start with clearing out the subconscious mind of negatively charged memories and their associated emotional baggage. Then, you will bring in healing energy and supportive positive affirmations to keep your mind a happy place and make your memory a friend for life.

Candle Ritual to Enhance your Affirmations

You will need a Spiritual Cleansing Hoo Doo candle and holder, a Healing Blessed Herbal candle and candle holder and a Protection Blessed Herbal candle and holder, pen, and paper.

We begin with protection. Place the unwrapped protection candle in its holder and light it. Ask for protection to surround you while you do your candle ritual. Next, prepare the Spiritual Cleansing Hoo Doo candle by removing the packaging and placing it in the candle holder. Light it and take slow deep breaths to relax you and prepare you for releasing difficult memories and emotions from your past. Ask your spirit guides to take this spiritual cleansing into your subconscious mind where you keep memories and your reactions to those events. As memories come up and feelings are triggered, release them into the flame of the candle. You may say things like, I let them go, I give this all over to God or infinite intelligence to be dealt with. You may also be ready to forgive the people involved and forgive yourself. You may be ready to say, the past is the past and I am going forward in my life now. Stay with this part of the ritual until you feel complete. You can always come back and repeat this step.

When you are ready for healing, unwrap the Healing Blessed Herbal candle and place it in its candle holder. Light it and take a few slow deep breaths to relax. Visualize the purple healing energy from this candle flowing into your aura and focusing on your subconscious mind. It is bathing your memories in health, peace, love and divine intelligence. Stay with this visualization for at least 3 minutes. Longer if you can. When you feel complete, come out of your meditative state feeling free of the burdens of the past. 

Now you are ready to write your affirmation to support today's work. I’ve attached an article on writing affirmations if you need more help. When you write your affirmations you will be making I or My statements. Write in the present tense. They must also be positive statements and the opposite of the negative thoughts you had released. For example, if you had released the thought “I am such a clumsy person and I break everything” your positive affirmation will say, “I am graceful and careful with all things in my life.”

Keep your affirmations short so they can be memorized. If they get long, write them down and keep them with you. My husband writes them down on small pieces of paper and posts them in every strategic location to help him change his mindset. These affirmations are training your mind to think positive thoughts. You know they are working when you see positive changes in your life. Remember, change comes from within first.

Here is the link to a short article on how to write your own positive affirmations.


When you are done writing your affirmations, ask that they be blessed. Each time you say your affirmation, you will also be filled with blessings. Say your affirmations daily or as often as you need them. Remember to extinguish your candles when you are away. Relighting them for a few hours a day until they are done is a great way to support the work you just did. I wish you health, wealth, and happiness.

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