New Moon in Aquarius February 1 2022

New Moon in Aquarius February 1, 2022

A thought provoking statement – “there is no I in team” – finds a home with February’s Aquarius New Moon as we feel the influence of this party animal in our lives. There are quite a few ways to let this energy play out. We can party on dude, join a club of like-minded people, do some well-placed networking or do some magic to attract people and situations that will get you where you want to be. No one gets to the top of the mountain without support from a team that believes in you.

Another phrase – “teamwork makes the dream work” – is so prevalent because it’s true and proves itself over and over again. Use this new moon to help you assemble your team and create the opportunities that get in front of the right people at the right time. You can also do this candle ritual to attract new friends, find new clubs or like-minded groups to join.

Candle Ritual for getting in front of the right people

You will need an Attraction/Love Blessed Herbal candle, a Crown of Glory oil, a candle holder, a picture of yourself, miniature action figures, Lego people, or any tiny plastic people handy or images from a magazine or the internet. (Don’t steal your kids' toys.) They will represent the people you need to be on your core team.

On a piece of paper describe your core team. Name each toy figure or picture with the role they will play along with their qualities, strengths, talents, education, and experience. You can even create a map and place the figure on its spot. My team would consist of a literary agent, organizer, writer, IT tech, social media maven, and handyman. Who do you want on your team?

Affix the picture of you on the candle holder then disrobe your Attraction Love candle and anoint it with the Crown of Glory oil. Then place it in the candle holder in front of all your team members. Say the blessing on the label or write one of your own, then light the candle. Let it burn for a few hours a day until it’s done. Each time you light your candle, talk to your team, tell them about your goal or project. Talk about the ROI or what they will gain from the experience. Make it a balanced reward that includes financial gain, experience gain, and personal fulfillment gain. Affirm that you will be looking for them and put yourself in situations and opportunities to make it easy for them to find you. Every time you go out, send an email or make a phone call regarding your project, put some crown of Glory oil on your wrists. 

Good luck and keep your eyes open for those opportunities and connections and act on them.

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