New Moon in Aries April 1, 2022

New Moon in Aries on April 1, 2022

We are in the heart of Aries season, the one full of bluster, action, and potential crashing. Aries in a new moon makes it nearly impossible to not start something. The trick is to be thoughtful and look before you leap. Aries energy can be impulsive and get you all twitchy about making your move. Problem is, when you’re not clear on your trajectory, you could end up in a foreign land without a map. With this new moon, exercise discipline and self-control and ride this rocket to your new endeavors safely. We have a candle ritual for you to help you harness the Aries power and channel it wisely.

Candle Ritual for Creating Focus

You will need a New Moon Astro Magic candle, candleholder, a small mirror, a very reflective piece of glass or aluminum foil you can place under the candle holder, salt, a description of your goal or project. Alternate candles you can use, Blessed Herbal Problem Solving, Chakra Third Eye Clarity, Hoo Doo Road Opener

Create a sacred space to do this candle ritual. Place the candle holder on top of the mirror or reflective surface you are using. Make a ring of salt around the mirror. Remove all packaging from the candle and etch the name of your goal or project in the candle. Place it in the candle holder and light it. Say out loud your request for the help you need to start this project, have focus and clarity, stay motivated, and most importantly take it one step at a time. Ask for patience, good timing, and accuracy in your execution of each phase. Let the candle, reflective surface, and ring of salt send the energy in a funnel of focused intention straight up and into a perfect trajectory to your future target.

While the candle is burning, write or draw out your plan. Come back to this candle and plan every day and add more details. When the time is right, begin acting on your plans. Feel the energy of your candle ritual supporting you, keeping you focused and clear of mind. Sense that your emotions are empowering your action items with the right amount of motivation and passion at the right time.

Enjoy the process and reward yourself for your successes. When a mistake happens, learn from it and adjust your plan. Don’t waste time beating yourself up. This is an adventure and there will always be surprises and unexpected twists and turns. Stay calm and carry on.

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