New Moon in Cancer on June 28, 2022

New Moon in Cancer on June 28, 2022 

A Cancerian New Moon means lots of fresh energy is coming at you for your creative endeavors where home, security of all kinds, and family are concerned. This covers a lot of ground and no other zodiac sign can help you more than Cancer the crab. The best time to start a new home project or family is now because the alignment is perfect.  To get you in the creative spirit, participate in our candle ritual for activating your creativity.

Candle Ritual for Activating Your Creativity

For this ritual, you will need Success, Confidence, and Empowered Chakra Magic candles and candle holders, some happy music, and a tasty treat.  

Unwrap all three candles and place them in the candle holders. Place the three candles up and away from you, because you are going to do a moving meditation. Light them and turn on your happy music. Stand up and dance to the music. Move your body and loosen those tight muscles and joints. If there are lyrics to your music, sing along.  When the song is finished, sit back down for a chakras activation meditation.

Take some time to slow your heart rate with rest and some slow deep breaths. Take all the time you need. Then move your candles closer to you for the next meditation. You will start with the root chakra at your tailbone. It’s red and the Success candle represents this chakra when it is healthy, clear, and ready to rock and roll you with creative energy. Bring your attention to your own root chakra and visualize it becoming clear bright red by releasing any old energy into the earth. You can do this with a suggestion, “I am now releasing the old used up energy out of my root chakra and into the earth.”  Then feel the creative power ignite and move up to your solar plexus chakra.  

Your solar plexus chakra is just above your belly button and it is bright yellow.  The Confidence Chakra Magic candle represents this chakra when it’s clear, bright, and free of doubt and hang-ups. Focus on this chakra and visualize it becoming bright yellow. Feel your confidence bud and expand. We all need to be confident and courageous to express ourselves fully. Feel the power of your solar plexus and the root chakra flow up to your throat chakra.  It’s blue and the center of your creative expression.

The Empowered Chakra Magic candle represents a healthy, open, and expressive chakra. Visualize this chakra opening up and releasing any caught words or ideas both good and bad. Both originated from you or what you have taken in from the world around you. Feel the power of your desire to express yourself blossom.

Now let this power of the root chakra, solar plexus, and throat chakra flow all the way up and out the top of your head. Visualize this up pouring of energy clearing out old thoughts that have caused confusion because they were not true or had become distorted for some reason. Know that this clearing is making you more open to inspiration from your higher self.

Take a deep breath and feel refreshed, energized, and ready to create something amazing. Do a little stretching, then get up and give yourself a tasty treat.  Let your candles burn for about an hour before extinguishing them. Do this ritual anytime you need to activate your creativity.

Please burn candles safely and never leave them unattended, in a breeze, or near flammable material, children or pets.

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