New Moon in Gemini, June 18, 2023

The New Moon is in Gemini on June 18th, but she’s not alone. Neptune and Pisces are squared with her and are being a little crotchety about it. This means you will need to be very careful about what you desire or wish for. These planets will help wishes come true, but if you’ve been impulsive or are having a lapse of judgment the planets are not going to fix it for you first. Here’s a helpful candle ritual for organizing your thoughts so you make the best, smartest wish possible.

Candle Ritual for Making Smart Wishes

You will need these candles and candle holders: Astro Magic New Moon, Affirmation Angel, Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate Road Opener, paper and pen, and your wish.

We will be using the well-known tool called SMART. This acronym stands for specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely. But first, let’s talk about wishes. We think it’s something provided by the universe based on what we ask for, but it’s not. Sorry to burst your bubble, but we have to make our own wishes come true. The universe provides the energy and synchronicity to help you manifest them, you provide the visualization, belief, and good ole fashioned follow-through. This is why SMART wishes are the most successful wishes. Now, let's begin!

Unwrap your candles and put them in candle holders and set them aside while you prepare your wish. On five separate pieces of paper, answer the following SMART questions. Place a capital letter at the head of each page. 

S for Specific. What is your specific desire, goal, or outcome?

M for Measurable. Write out a description of what your life will look like once this wish is fulfilled. How long will it take? What do you need to invest in? Time, money, and energy?

A for Actionable. Write out the action steps in chronological order. What needs to happen first, next, and so on? Who are the people that will be part of this wish fulfillment? Have you met them yet? If so, what is your strategy for creating buy-in?

R for Reasonable. Is your goal realistic? If not, are there changes you need to make to prepare for this wish to land in your lap? Write that out and put them in your action plan. Don’t forget about the personal changes you may need to make. How is your attitude around this wish? Do you believe in yourself? 

T for Timely. This part of smart involves a few factors that are not in your direct control, so patience is required. There is a timing to the universe and even though it’s continually conspiring to help you grow spiritually, your wish is being coordinated within the divine plan. Keep this in mind as you work on manifesting your smart wish. When you are feeling impatient or ignored or the lack of cooperation. Remember your wish has made its impression on the universe and it’s coming back to you. Keep believing in your wish, visualizing the outcome, and taking the action steps. Most of all, don’t give up. Many of us falter in the 11th hour, just when things are about to manifest. Please don’t become a statistic!

Next, arrange the candles in a triangle. Place the answers to your question under the candles in this order. S and M go with the New Moon candle. You will be bringing in the energy of a new moon to give a boost to starting this new project. Place A with the Angel candle. You will receive the support of the angels with your action items and the personal growth you will be going through. Place the R and T with the Road Opener candle. The universe will work with you to make sure everything happens at the right time for all concerned. Light your candles, give thanks for all that you have in your life, and start working on your smart wish.

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