New Moon in Gemini on May 30, 2022

New Moon in Gemini on May 30, 2022

Our new moon is passing through the sign of Gemini on May 30th and makes favorable aspects to Mars and Jupiter. This means the energy is perfect for setting our magical intentions with the power of our own voice. Our magic tends to fall flat when we have a weak voice, so employ this new moon to strengthen your throat chakra and project into the universe with dynamism. Before you know it, you are creating something very special. Prepare to open and clear your throat chakra with this candle ritual so your voice and words sing out strong. Then you can launch your dreams and desires from your lips to God’s ears with potency and confidence.

Candle Ritual for Empowering your Voice

You will need a Chakra Magic Empowered candle and candle holder, a song to sing, a sodalite crystal, and this mantra from the candle label,

My words have power and I am responsible for what I say and how I say it. I choose empowering words and crystal clear tones to express the thoughts which define the dreams that build my world”.

Remove the packaging from the candle and place it in the candle holder. Light the candle and recite the mantra three times while holding the sodalite crystal in front of you. Speak directly to the crystal. This will charge the crystal up with your energy and your intention.  

Now, close your eyes and visualize the clogging energy of lies, gossip, and hurtful words leaving your throat and being dissolved in the flame of the candle. When that feels complete, visualize your throat chakra being filled with beautiful blue light. Feel your throat chakra becoming clear, getting stronger and balanced.  Follow that up by asking for protection to surround your throat chakra. The most protective color is gold.  

Finish your candle ritual by singing a song. Make it a happy song and don’t worry about how you sound. This is about using your voice in a courageous way, and singing out loud takes courage and confidence. You are not required to sing for anyone. Sing for yourself and sing with joy. Carry your sodalite crystal with you, especially during conversations, negotiations, and public speaking. It’s been programmed with the empowered mantra. Extinguish your candle when you are done with your ritual then light the candle again each day for a few hours until it’s done to support your throat chakra and your confidence. 

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