New Moon in Leo on July 28, 2022

New Moon in Leo on July 28, 2022 

A Leo New Moon will bring the vibe of introspection for the purposes of understanding your true self. Leo energy wants to show the world who you really are. New Moon energy is about new beginnings. Put the two together and we have a July new moon that will propel you to try self expression, and so you should! Other astrological influences are revving your mind up to almost intolerable or at least an annoying speed. Use this energy to help you blast through self-doubt and people pleasing behaviors. Leo energy will help you find the balance between other’s expectations and being yourself. Treat yourself to this candle ritual and boost your self-worth. Haters and naysayers can’t touch you. 

Candle Ritual for Raising your Self Esteem

You will need three: Blessed Herbal Candles; Attraction/Love, Happiness, and Truth & Justice; A hand mirror; and a favorite picture of yourself; herbs to make an

herbal Infusion; cinnamon, basil, orange peel, ginger, jasmine tea.

Step one. Simmer the herbs for 9 minutes to make an infusion. When putting the herbs in the pot, thank each one for bringing its energy to you and healing your self-doubt. 

Say this charm 3 times while the herbs simmer:

Leaf, flower, root, and bark

lend me your spirit, lend me your spark

Deliver me from being meek and filled with doubt

Fill me with glamor that I can see inside and out.

Step two. Light the three candles and place the mirror in front of you. Turn the picture upside down and look at it as if this was a beloved friend. Tell this person all the things you like about them and how much you cherish them. Tell them that you see their needs and are willing to be a good friend to fulfill those needs. Place that picture in the center of the three candles.

Step three. Wash the mirror with the room temperature herbal infusion. Look into your own eyes in the mirror for 60 seconds and say the following charm:

Mirror mirror in which I see a beloved reflection that is me

show what I refuse to know, all the powers I have grown

My worth resides deep within, show me the healing I can begin.

Repeat the mirror-gazing and charm every day until you can gaze into your own eyes for 5 minutes. Light the candles every day for one to three hours to support this new personal awakening. 

Never leave a burning candle unattended and always remove all packaging before lighting a candle. For safety, use candle holders when working with Blessed Herbal candles. Place the candle holders on the plate.

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