New Moon in Pisces, February 20, 2023

The New Moon in Pisces on February 20, 2023, opens the door to a better you and a better life because of its strong intuitive powers. Be still with this New Moon and let it expand your connection to your own intuition and discover what brings you joy. In this discovery, you will see the path forward to knowing who you are. This knowing is where your strength lives and where the joy of living slumbers.  

The best remedy for many of your woes is in awakening joy. Joy is different from happiness. Joy flows without attachment to anything whereas happiness is tied to something or someone. Have you ever said, “I’ll be happy when”? That is how fleeting happiness is. Have you ever felt your heart swell or your eyes fill with tears when looking at a sunset? That‘s what joy feels like. It’s a state of being and comes from God/Goddess. It is eternal and available to everyone, always and with no strings attached.

Candle Ritual for Awakening Joy

You will need a quiet space to meditate, uninterrupted. A Blessed Herbal Spiritual Cleansing candle and a Blessed Herbal Heart candle, two candle holders, and a match or lighter.  

When you are ready, under the auspicious presence of this Pisces New Moon, create your sacred space in any way you desire. Or, ask to be surrounded by golden light.  Take three deep cleansing breaths and let your mind and emotions calm and be quiet. Take another deep breath if you still feel distracted. If needed, visualize all your concerns and distractions rolling off of you into the earth. If you have something bearing down on you like a burden, visualize wrapping it up like a present and placing it on the altar of God. 

Now you are ready for your meditation for awakening joy. Light the Spiritual Cleansing candle. In prayer, invite your spirit guide or angel closer to you. Or, connect with your own higher self by visualizing a white and golden sun 24” above your head. Then close your eyes, take your time, and really feel the divinity that is here for you. You have accessed all the beauty and intelligence of the universe by tuning into this benevolent spirit or your own higher self. Now ask for help in awakening the joy within. Just be in this moment of communion with the divine. Relax all expectations and let it happen.  Feel it uplift you as tension drops away from your mind, body, and emotions.

When you feel light and relaxed you are ready. Open your eyes and light the Blessed Herbal Heart candle. Now, pray for yourself. In your prayer, you will be affirming that you are a blessed and an important part of the universe. Without you, the universe will never be complete. Pray to be released of all that pulls you away from taking your rightful place in the divine plan. Pray to become more aware of your true self and to awaken the joy that slumbers because of your ignorance to your own divinity. Pray for the humility needed to understand your relationship with the universe and your place in it.

When you are done praying, sit in silence. Here in the silence, you will learn much about yourself, joy, life, and hopefully about how precious you are. Take your time and when you feel complete, thank your spirit guide, your higher self, and the universe. Come back to this meditation every day to keep the joy awake and flowing through you. The path to truth and joy is a lifelong journey, be patient with yourself and the process. There is much to learn. Enjoy!

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