New Moon in Virgo September 14, 2023

Ideas and inspirations are the foundation of everything physical. Without our powerful minds, life would be very different. This is also true about our emotions, particularly passion which is the love child of drive and desire. This New Moon in Virgo on September 14, 2023, is enjoying a special relationship with the element Earth. Storm Cestavani calls it the lucky grand trine, and I call it the lucky grand time for creative ideas to come alive.  

Candle Ritual for Landing Your Big Idea

For this sweet little ritual, you will need the Astro Magic Jupiter Lucky Star spray, a Blessed Herbal Stability candle, a candle holder, and a description of your big idea, or your passion to tap into and grow your creativity. This ritual is for those needing to awaken their creativity and those who have a big idea that has stalled.  

As always, start by creating a sacred space to work in. Make sure your spiritual protection is all around you. My favorite is the golden bubble. To make sure you are in the receiving mode, ask that your chakras be filled with white light so they can move freely in a clockwise direction.  

Place your Blessed Herbal Stability candle in its candle holder free of all packaging. I chose this candle because it represents the element of earth and with it, you can form a solid foundation to build your dreams upon. The planet Earth's spiritual purpose is to enhance our innate ability to be creative. Combine that with a New Moon in Virgo and the energy is ripe for making you burst with creativity and manifesting potential. 

Activate the candle by saying the blessing on the label. “I call on forces greater than I to awaken the confidence that I hold inside. Ground in me your great strength, help me be stable and my soul to wake. Lift my spirits and help me be strong, so that I may learn your healing song. In perfect balance do all things live, instill this in me so like you, I can give. Harming none and helping all is how it shall be. This I make true.”

Now it’s time to focus your intention on your big idea or your need to awaken your creative spirit. 

If this ritual is to help you release your big idea into the world, write out a description of your big idea. Then talk aloud about it, as if it’s already happening, and speak in the present tense. Now close your eyes and visualize it in full living color and release it into the universe. Pray to have all resistance, fear, or any other block released from your throat chakra. Now verbalize again your big idea. Say it with love, passion, confidence, and belief in yourself and your big idea. Finish up with gratitude for all the help you have been given along the way. Spritz yourself and the components of your project generously with the Astro Magic Jupiter Lucky Star spray

If this ritual is to awaken your passion and creativity, you will be focusing on releasing all thoughts and emotions that have covered your inherent ability to create. Something has happened to take you out of the running and made you believe that you are not creative or that you have no passion or ideas. You will need to open those doors and windows in your mind and let the bright light of God’s inspiration flow in. This is your moment to let the past go and reconnect with the truth of who you are. If you are feeling this is a big step, you are correct. Be brave, believe in yourself, and free-fall into a new day. The New Moon is about new beginnings and she wants you to join her in the joy of knowing that possibilities await you.  

You will need to free your emotions from doubt, fear of failure or risk, low self-worth, past failures, past criticisms, unhealthy competition, sabotage, and fear of showing us who you really are. Ask that the power of love pour into your sacral chakra to open it up to experience how much you are loved. Let yourself feel how precious you are and important to the universal plan. Without your unique contribution, the universe will not be complete and we all will miss you dearly. Again, be brave and let it all go. The past hurts meant something to you, but it’s a new day and a new moon. Let the past lose its importance to you so you can find what is really important, which is your connection to life through your creative expression. I’m using a lot of words to help you feel the depth of this request you are making. You are asking yourself to come back to life.  

After this personal awakening ritual, entertain some ideas about how you’d like to express yourself creatively. Then make plans to start playing around with it. Start small or start big, but most of all make this your time to get used to feeling the joy of creating. Whenever you are feeling down and need a boost, spritz Lucky Star Astro Magic spray in your aura and around the room. Feel its lucky vibration cheer you up and cheer you on.

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