February gives us a breather. Take advantage of it!

A Much-Needed Break to Make Much-Needed Changes

February ushers in a relative period of calm after the flurry of activity and energy of the previous months. While it might be tempting to simply sit back, relax, and let fate take you where it may, it’s actually the perfect time to work on yourself. As we move from Aquarius season into the Pisces season, we also move from eleven months of looking to the outer world into a time where we shift the focus inward to something more personal.

This is the time to do magic that involves letting things go, doing release work, healing, and bringing things to a conclusion. While you're working on cleaning your mental and spiritual house, remember to fill the now empty space with you! Our Wicked Witch Mojo Candles are perfect for the job. 

Wicked Witch Mojo Candles - 15 styles  - $7.00 ea.
Wicked Witch Mojo Oils - 15 styles - $4.00 ea.

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About Wicked Mojo

From the “Poof!” candle for banishing your unwanted baggage to the “Outta My Way!” candle for clearing the obstacles that slow you down, our Wicked Witch Mojo line of candles and oils are a fun and edgy way to craft your intentions. With 15 varieties to choose from, each candle and oil is beautifully labeled, wonderfully scented, and has a fun, to-the-point name. Who says you can’t work your magic with a smirk?

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30 Years of Magic! (and counting)

It’s a big year for Coventry Creations. This summer we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary! Since 1992, when we introduced our first Blessed Herbal candles, Coventry Creations has grown into the most well-known and respected name in intention candles. Be sure to check back in with us for special announcements and promotions as we build up to our big August celebration!

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