Fresh Starts in Aries Season

As we enter into Aries season, we are also heading towards a fresh start. The air will get warmer, and the seeds you planted will start sprouting. It’s time to start living our best lives and creating paths to make that happen. So leave the past in the past and focus your intentions on moving forward. If you’re not sure how to do that, don’t worry, we’ve got a candle for that! 

Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate Candles  - 9 styles  - $7.25

Where did the Hoo Doos go?!

As you might have heard, our Motor City Hoo Doo products have been retired. But do you think Aunt Jacki would just let some of our best candle and oil recipes go away for good? Some of the most popular and effective recipes have been given new life under the new Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate brand! Choose from 9 candles, each with a corresponding spray and oil, many of which have been moved over directly from the Motor City Hoo Doo line. Whatever you need help with, there is something in the Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate line for you! 

Crown of Glory → Crown of Success
Come to Me → Love Me
Money Draw → Quick Cash
NEW! Healing Rx
Fiery Wall of Protection
Road Opener
Van Van

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