How $100 turned into a 25 year journey in prosperity

The first rule of building a business is that you will face every fear and limitation you have. - Jacki SmithIs this another story of the American Dream come true? An idea, a small financial stake, and lots of tenacity and you have the latest sensation? Yes and no. All of those factors are true, but what no one talks about is the other secret sauce that makes your business successful.

Everyone glosses over the hard work and the soul-eating challenges that come up for an entrepreneur because it’s not glamorous and doesn’t make good press. But all of that blood, sweat, and tears is part of your secret sauce and I can show you how to turn it into prosperity magic.


Witches, healers, and entrepreneurs all use the same magic.

Every time someone talks to me about starting a business I tell them that the first rule of building a business is that you will face every fear and limitation you have and you will face them in trials of fire. It's ok, it has to be that way because as your business grows, so do you. If you wimp out, you close your doors. If you meet that challenge and grow from it personally, you grow your business. Each entrepreneur’s story is unique and the rhythm is different and everyone will tell you they are scared often. Scared and courageous, that is what it takes to stay in business for 25 years. This is the definition of personal healing, this is the definition of making magic. You find the problem, you find the damage in your spirit, you heal, your transform, and you grow.

When I started this journey I was 24 years old and filled with ideals. I wanted to build a new, progressive business. I wanted to empower everyone. I wanted to call my staff my partners and pay everyone the same wage. I wanted to build a new world from this business and everyone would be inspired to work with me at the same level of commitment and enthusiasm. What a dream! What an impossible dream, but is was my inspiration to take the risk and travel forward. I love tapping into that 24-year-old’s ideals. They are so powerful and pure, albeit naïve and lacking in practicality.

I made my mistakes early and often. I hired the hangers-on and they pandered to my ideals. I had no understanding of how to manage people, growth, and customer needs, and created an environment ripe for drama. I got divorced, remarried, and became a mom in those early years, and am amazed that I am still sane from all the crazy I created and surrounded myself with. I am proud of those times, I am proud of the crazy, at the very least for getting through it. I am most proud of realizing it all began and ended with me and if I wanted to heal my business, I had to heal myself.

Being me, I decided I would take this journey the long way and teach myself everything rather than allow the ideals of others to limit me. From production techniques to marketing and design, I was going to master each section of my business. I don’t recommend the method, as it took Coventry to the brink of disaster each time. Thank goodness for my sister and partner Patty, as she stood with me at the edge of the cliff and held me back each time (sometimes helping me back up the embankment of the abyss). Looking at the landscape of my past I understand now why I took a long way around, so I can experience not only failure but getting up over and over again.

I know now that it’s getting up over and over again after failure that is the secret sauce to prosperity.

Success is not a straight line, it is a journey of experiencing success and failure over and over again that takes you to each new level.

Whether you are in business or are working for a business, personal success follows the same seemingly chaotic journey. You follow the rules, yours or society's, go in the right direction, take the necessary steps, get some success under your belt, and then it all falls apart. You do this over and over again and it can start to feel like you are cursed and want to just give up. It is that moment that is the most pivotal. More than the birth of an idea, the moment when you are about to give up and give in changes the game. This is where you grow and develop your personal magic. I love and hate this moment. I hate the pain, but I have experienced it enough that I LOVE the results when I keep hanging in, listening to what is next, and taking action.

You don’t need any direction on the idea part, those are easy and you have a million of them. Where you need a professional push is in the challenge, and I have it for you.


Here are the steps on how to make it through giving up and growing up.


  1. Embrace your failure. This is a gift you gave to yourself. You risked, you worked and you failed. Within that is gold. Within that failure is your answer to what you need to do next. Celebrate yourself for creating this new experience and working through the fear.
  2. List what went wrong and what went right. You have to start with what you know before you can get inspired to take the next step. Get honest with yourself and with each thing that went wrong, add what you thought would happen and what you felt when it went wrong. Recover your self-worth and list everything that went right and define your intended outcome and the steps you took to get it right.
  3. Uncover your fears. Write and talk out what you were afraid of during this experience. What emotions were activated in this project? Did you get angry? Did you overcompensate? Did you feel like a fraud? List them all out and then start asking yourself why? Why did I feel like that? What was I afraid of? Why was I afraid of that? What hidden belief was trying to take over?
  4. Rewrite your fears and belief. When you dig in, and uncover what belief was driving the bus, you can see how to do that through the emotional clues you just uncovered. Give yourself some support here and use your magical and spiritual tools. Choose the energy that will support you in candles (my favorite), stones, oils, colors or just talking it out with a trusted support person.
  5. Brainstorm a new direction! Take what went wrong, what went right, and how your emotions and fears contributed to your issue, and create a new plan. Run that plan by someone who had been successful in your field and ask for their experience.
  6. Take new action. Do something, and take action based on a solid plan. Do it.
  7. Keep growing. Do this over and over again in small and large ways. Keep doing this until it is second nature. Over and over again this is how we grow, thrive and survive.


It may seem a bit circular to repeat this process over and over again, but it’s really a spiral where you are crossing similar territory with a new set of experiences and tools. Sometimes we nail it and get to travel fast and furious on our journey. Sometimes we fail over and over again to learn the bigger lesson that will help us sail farther the next time.

My journey started with $100 of materials, old pots, old cans, and my kitchen stove. It has been 25 years of failure, success, and learning along the way. I am rich in spirit beyond measure and happy to the core of my soul. This is more valuable to me than gold and yet it is the energy and magic that bring prosperity to me every day.