Lots of Treats, No Tricks!

The air has shifted, the days are getting shorter, Fall is near, and Halloween is on our minds! Last year we offered our Limited Edition Witch’s Brew candles, but this year we have a little extra treat for you. Not only will those Witch’s Brew candles be back, but so will the Wicked Witch Mojo Limited Edition Halloween candles! 8 limited edition candles to choose from to get your customers ready for the upcoming spooky season.

Wicked Witch Mojo Halloween Candles $7.25 each
Witch’s Brew Halloween Candles $7.25

The Hoodoo’s are back!

By now you have probably heard the Hoodoo’s have made a comeback. The labels and names might look slightly different, but they are still the same loved and magical recipes. But what about all those Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate candles you still have on your shelves? Don’t worry! If you’d like replacement labels, just let us know. We’ll be happy to send you new corresponding Hoodoo labels to wrap around your existing stock of Aunt Jacki’s Ultimate candles. Simply let us know which ones you need and we’ll include them in your next shipment free of charge.

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