Skeleton Keys and the Crossroads Part One

BHC CRLTM part 1Nine weeks. That is the length of time I took to charge up the keys and candles for the Limited Edition Crossroads candle. Nine weeks of making the candle and ritual that taps into the magic of the crossroads for you to use in your next life-changing spell.

This candle adventure began when I sourced 600 rusting antique skeleton keys. It was like they were waiting for me. From sorting to soaking, to polishing (as best we could) the unique magic of each key was unveiled. I knew I had something powerful in my hands. I was able to recruit a few kids to help me clean the keys and then I presented them to my Elegba for blessings. They have been in front of him for the entire nine weeks.

Nine is a very important number to me. Three has always been my favorite number and it’s the number of the Elegba, the man of the crossroads. Three threes add up to nine making it an even more sacred number in the power of the crossroads. Nine is the 2016 number of the year, the number of completion, of finishing a cycle, and of finding the new potential of what lies ahead.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Really, the first question I hear is why a crossroads candle? It is simple. All things exist and do not exist at the crossroads. All potential lies in this place of between and it is up to you to harvest it and choose the road to manifest it on. That my friends have been my life, my lesson, and my teaching. When you are at a place where magic is looked upon as the answer, you are at a crossroads, and you are ready to evolve. If you are not questioning your path, you don’t need magic. When you ask for more than you have allowed yourself in the past, you are standing at a place where you decide who you are and what type of person you want to be. That is why I created the Crossroads candle. For magic to work at the root, to make big life changes, you have to be at that crossroads embracing the new direction you are manifesting with your magic.

When I decided to do this candle for the Month of Jacki, I knew it had to include a skeleton key. This is my symbol for unlocking all that potential at the crossroads. It unlocks wisdom and opportunity for you to embody in your magical journey. Skeleton keys are also a big part of my journey from a student to a teacher and an elder in the magical community.

When you are the keeper of the keys, you are the keeper of your own freedom and the driving force in your own life.

I created a unique recipe for this candle. It is built on the between space; frankincense and myrrh to align heaven and earth, cypress to call in the ancestors and guiding spirits, and the color black for the blank slate of possibility. On the cover of the attached pamphlet, you will find my crossroads symbol. This image is a tattoo I had designed so that my magical crossroads is with me wherever I go.

Whatever your challenge or problem, your resolution lies at the crossroads. All you have to do is embrace it and this candle will help get you there!