The Fan Favorite Wicked Witch Mojo Limited Edition Candles are Back!

Release the Old, Make Room for the New

The cosmos continue to give us a bit of a break from the chaos. Are you taking advantage of it? During the month of February, we enter into Pisces season. During Capricorn season, the realities of the real world made themselves known and Aquarius season had us navigating the landscape of groupspeak. Pisces season advises us to explore something more meaningful.

Pisces season is a great time to work on bringing things to an end, doing release work, letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose for you, and working on healing. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few tools up our sleeves to help you out!

Wicked Witch Mojo Limited Edition Candles - $7.25 ea.
Saint Dorothy the Wicked
Rich B*tch
Hot Damn
Extreme Bad Ass

About Wicked Witch Mojo Limited Editions

The Limited Editions are made up of 4 special candles. While they are all made with magic and love, they each have their own specific intention. Whether you are stuck in a tough spot, feeling like your bank account can’t keep up, down on your luck, or having trouble moving past the obstacles that life throws at you, take a deep breath. We have a candle for that! 

Order your Limited Edition Wicked Witch Mojo Candles today! 

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