Virgo season is almost here. Time to make amends and turn things around.

Reflect on your past to improve your future

With Virgo season just around the bend, it's a great time to reflect on our missteps and transgressions. No need to dwell on them or beat ourselves up over them, just recognize the times where we were less than what we should have been and consider what we could have done differently. Life is a journey of self-improvement. The maturation process never ends. So, don’t let your past define you. Let it educate and make you better. Virgo is the season to do that!

Need some help on that road to self-improvement? Some added strength? A way to clear obstacles along the way? How about some extra cash to help you focus on yourself instead of your bills? As always, Coventry Creations has candles for that!

Introducing our 30th anniversary, limited edition Blessed Herbal Candles!

Calamity Calmer, Stress Buster  - $8.25
Code Red, Help Is On The Way - $8.25
Blockbuster, Clear Obstacles - $8.25
Lilith, Protector Of The Oppressed - $8.25
Money Magnet, Cash Now - $8.25

Happy birthday to the candle that started it all!

30 years ago Jacki Smith made her first intention candles and Coventry Creations was born. Those first candles were the Blessed Herbals candles, uniquely tall pillars of specially selected herbs and oils, mixed, poured, and packaged by hand. Three decades later, the Blessed Herbals are worldwide best sellers but are still handcrafted just as they were back in 1992.

So, to celebrate our favorite candles turning 30, we’re bringing back some of our favorite recipes from the past! Dressed in regal-looking black and gold labels, these limited editions include Money Magnet, Lilith, Firecracker, Calamity Calmer, and Code Red.

They’ll only be around for a short time, so order yours today!

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