Warmth and healing. Cancer Season brings more than summer sun.

Take care of yourself and those close to you

As we move further from the cold gray of winter and through the soggy thaw of spring, the golden glow of the summer sun with its healing warmth awaits just around the bend. Cancer season is a time when we can soak up not only the penetrating rays from our brightest celestial neighbor but also the near medicinal energy of this powerful water sign. So use it wisely to do some self-care, show some love and support to family, and provide comfort to all those close to you.

And the start of a new season is always a great time to fill your astrological toolbox with the items you’ll need to navigate the months ahead and the unknowns they’ll bring. As usual, Coventry Creations has you covered with our newly redesigned Astro Magic candles!


Out of their boxes with a fresh new look, Astro Magic candles are ready to help you navigate the astrological calendar!

More compact but just as powerful, the new Astro Magic candles will get you through a Mercury retrograde, help you hit the reset button during a full moon, or take advantage of Jupiter’s energy to improve…just about everything!

With ten varieties to choose from, there are Astro Magic candles and sprays for whatever the solar system throws your way.

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