January 2022 Press Release

Candle Maker Coventry Creations Still Feeling Positive Effects of the Pandemic

Entering the 3rd year of the COVID 19 pandemic, Coventry Creations and others in the self-help and metaphysical industry are still riding a wave of increased consumer interest. Skyrocketing growth and record sales have become par for the course as people seek new ways to navigate the new normal.  

In 2021 Coventry Creations saw a 300% increase in profits by way of an eye-popping 75% improvement in sales. Both set records for the nearly 30 year old company and were realized during the peak of the pandemic and all of the obstacles that came with it, including a global shipping crisis. Two weeks into 2022 finds the organization on the same trajectory with no slowdown in sight.

“The pandemic has been horrible,” said Jacki Smith, president of Coventry Creations. “When you consider all the sickness and the people that have passed away, it’s hard to find a silver lining. Our team here at Coventry Creations has certainly felt the effects. Many of our employees and their family members have tested positive over the past two plus years. The biggest bright spot for us is that everyone has made a full recovery. A second bright spot, however, has been our incredible growth during this time.”

Smith says that it’s not uncommon for businesses in her space to see upticks during challenging times. Coventry Creations has seen spikes after natural disasters, high profile tragedies, and even during presidential elections. 

“People want some degree of control over their lives and the world around them.” said Vice President, Patty Shaw. “When times are tough and traditional spiritual and faith-based systems aren’t providing the help they need, people often turn to alternative methods for inspiration, empowerment, and healing.” 

2022 is already shaping up to be a good year for Coventry Creations as this summer will mark their 30th anniversary. It’s another in a long list of milestones for the most respected and well-known intention candle maker in the world.


About Coventry Creations

Coventry Creations is the most well-known and respected intention candle maker in the world. For nearly 30 years, people have used our candles, oils, sprays, and other magical products as alternative solutions to everyday problems. Located in Ferndale, MI, we make all of our candles by hand using our own expertly formulated recipes and all-natural ingredients. At Coventry Creations, our motto is: No matter your need or challenge, we have a candle for that.