Golden Ticket Spell - Witches Union Spell Card June & July 2023

June & July 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

Have you been feeling like you’ve been down on your luck and need a little boost? Get ready for your luck

to turn around, because you just found the Golden Ticket spell! Grab these few things and watch your magic unfold. 


Golden Ticket Spell



Mix about 30 drops of Happiness Oil with the spices listed above to make a paste. Rub this paste on the candles from the top down. Write on the yellow paper in detail the golden ticket you are looking for: the opportunity, loan, job, or luck that you need to manifest your idea.

Place all three candles on the top of the yellow paper and light them while saying this chant 7 times: 

“The golden ticket is mind to spend,

Opportunity, and luck without end.”


When the candles are spent, knock off the excess wax and anoint the paper with the Happiness Oil. Fold the paper toward you, turning it clockwise until it is small enough to fit into your wallet. Put the Happiness oil in your shoes every day and carry the yellow paper with you to help your feet locate your opportunities and luck.

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