June 2022 Witches Union Spell Card - Powerful Voice Spell Spell

June 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

You have something to say and power behind your words. Warm up that throat chakra and get in touch with your inner truth and you will find the power and magic to put behind the words you need to share.

Powerful Voice Spell



  • Chakra Magic
    • Throat Chakra Empowered candle
    • Solar Plexus Confidence spray
    • Affirmation candle holder

  • Your favorite sing-along songs
  • Paper and pen
  • Voice recorder

Listen to your favorite sing-a-long songs and sing with them with all of your heart. Feel the joy in sounding your voice without a care in the world about getting the words right or being in tune. If you don’t want to sing, hum along and make your vocal cords vibrate and warm up. 

Light The Mercury and/or the Throat Chakra candle (after you remove all packaging and place it in an appropriate candle holder) and mist your aura with the spray. Sing some more and feel your confidence and vibration rise up. Feel your truth rise up through your body and out of your voice as you sing and exercise your vocal cords. Get out the paper and pen and think about what you need to express before you start writing. 

Write out what you want your powerful voice to say to the world. Write it as a script for your one-person show. Read it aloud and see if it resonates as you want it to and make changes to get it just right. When ready, record yourself saying these words as if you are talking to your personal audience. Play that recording back and if needed, re-do the recording until you are satisfied with the outcome.  

Place your script under the lit candle and play your finished recording until you can talk along with it and feel the power of your own words. Extinguish the candle before you leave. Relight the candle, repeat the words and listen to your recording as many times as you need to.  When you are ready, share those words with the world in your powerful, magical voice.

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