March 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

March 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

When you are ready to dive deep into the psychic realm, the Oracle of Delphi spell will help you gain clarity on what you see and understand what it means in your life. Take it slow and easy and repeat this spell as many times as you need to get the clarity you seek.

Oracle of Delphi Spell


Prepare your working space by washing it with a few drops of Sacred White Sage oil in your wash water. Dump that water and set up your scrying bowl with the distilled water and the candles in their candle holders on either side of the bowl (remove all packaging before lighting the candle.) Say your favorite prayer and invite the Divine Oracle of Delphi into your working space.

Mist The Moon spray on the pages of your journal and set it to the side with your pen. Light the candles and turn off any incandescent lights (this is best done at night.) Mist five pumps of The Moon spray into the scrying bowl. Allow your breathing to slow, your vision soften and your muscles relax as you gaze into the scrying bowl. Visualize the 5 mile trek up the Delphi Mountain as you allow your mind to unwind from the linear daily processing of your mind. Allow symbols, images, and thoughts that are seemingly unconnected flow through your inner vision.

Write in your journal the most important or vibrant images you receive. Carefully drip some of the candle wax into the water and with the same soft vision, look for images or messages that shapes give you. When you are done, thank and release the spirit of Delphi, extinguish the candles and cleanse all of your tools with the Sacred White Sage oil.

Tuck your journal under your pillow and in the morning, take note of the dreams you had the night before as your dreams will continue to be prophetic.

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