October 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

October 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

It’s finally the best time of the year, all things spooky, all the time! Although we love dark and scary things this time of year, some things are unwanted. If you are feeling like you need a little extra protection, this Witch’s Bottle Protection Spell might be for you!


A Witch’s Bottle is a traditional protection charm that you can bury in your yard, or you can hide it somewhere in your home to protect you from evil that was directed towards you.

Fill up your jar halfway with the nails, broken glass, and/or the bent pins, be careful! Declare that these items will hook the evil, trap it, and send it into the Earth. Take the Witch’s Brew Evil Eye oil and shake 13 drops into the jar, declaring that your body, mind, emotions, and spirit are protected.

Put your DNA in the jar, it can be spit or urine. After that, fill the rest of the jar up with the purified water. Declare that you and yours are protected with the power of divine energy. Say your favorite prayer while you close the jar tightly.

Light the Witch’s Brew Original candle on top or next to your jar. Use the wax from the candle to seal the jar shut. Bury the bottle or hide it somewhere in your house. Burn the candle all the way down to fully empower your spell! 

Remember to never leave a burning candle unattended.

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