September 2022 Witches Union Spell Card - Embracing your Shadow Spell

September 2022 Witches Union Spell Card

Within the shadows, there is relief from the constant heat of the sun. When you work with the shadow side of your spirit you are gifted with an inner strength that you didn’t know existed.   Your shadow side holds those fears you don’t want to face, but also maintain the strength to face those fears. This side of your spirit helps you find compassion and grace for your limitations and expands your capacity to be compassionate to others.    

Your shadow side has many hidden treasures: healing, confidence, creativity, self-acceptance, self-esteem, wellness, and clarity. The Embracing Your Shadow Spell helps you gently step into working with your shadow side allowing these gifts to reveal themselves to you as you are ready for them. 

Embracing Your Shadow Spell


  • Blessed Herbal
    • Healing candle
    • Protection candle
    • Truth & Justice oil
  • Journal
  • Your favorite blanket or wrap
  • Bowl of salt
  • Mirror
  • Blessed Herbal candle holders
  • Smudge Spray, sage stick, or other cleansing tools

Cleanse the room you will be working in with the Smudge Spray or cleansing tool of your choice. Set up a comfortable space where you can sit in the dark and gaze into a mirror with the reflection of the candle flame in it.

Light the Protection candle by the door to set up a protected sacred space to work in. Say the blessing on the label and walk the candle around the room clockwise to create a protective circle. Set up your mirror and light the Healing candle. Turn off the lights in the room. Say the blessing on the Healing candle and sit comfortably in front of the mirror with the reflection of the healing candle visible. Anoint the 4 corners of the mirror with the Truth & Justice oil while reciting the following blessing:

All parts of me are sacred, all parts divine. Where there is light, there is shadow. Where there is hope, there is fear. I am in balance. My light welcomes my shadow and I am ready to listen and receive the blessing held there. 

Wrap yourself in your favorite blanket and stare into the mirror to see your shadow side. Repeat the above blessing 2 more times. Relax your mind and allow your shadow self to bring you strength and messages.

Write what you see, feel and understand in your journal, including all messages from your shadow self. When you are complete, hug yourself with the blanket, inviting your shadow side to become one with you, bringing balance to the light and helping you grow through adversity.  Repeat this spell regularly to stay in touch with your shadow self, retaining a balance of the light and dark of life.  

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