Wholesale Witches Union September 2023

Are you overwhelmed with not being able to decide on what to do with all of your wants and ideas? Then this spell is for you! Use the glittery and shiny energy to manifest all of those things you have floating around in your head. Ask for them all, and they will show up.

 All That Glitters is Mine Spell


Clean the mirror with the vinegar and water with the intent of any old emotions dissolving away. Place the mirror flat upon your altar. Apply the glue and glitter to the outside of the candle holders and arrange them on the mirror in the center. Remove the candle labels and packaging carefully and place them in the candle holders.

Write the phrase “All that glitters in mine!” in a circle around the edge of the mirror with the dry erase marker. Write on the mirror all the glittery things (mindset, ideas, emotions, people, items) that you are drawing to yourself.

Create a circle around the edge of the mirror with the remaining glitter. Light the candles and allow the words you wrote on the mirror and the blessings from the candle labels inspire you to write your personal words of power for this spell. 

Recite your words of power three times and visualize the glitter becoming the things you are manifesting into your life. Sit with this visualization for 30 minutes, repeating your power words as needed to keep your focus. Put out the candles when you are finished and relight them every day, repeating your words of power and visualization.

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