Witches Union December 2023- Dreams Come True

December 2023 Witches Union Spell Card

The New Year is quickly approaching, and what better time to focus on making dreams come true!? You need a vision, hard work, and of course a spell to manifest your dreams. We took care of the spell part, the rest is up to you! 


Once you have everything you need, you are going to lay out the silky scarf or cloth and place the image of what you are manifesting in the center of it. Put the necklace on top of the image and place the candle holders in a triangle around the scarf or cloth.

Get the candles ready by removing all of the packagings and scribe into them in the following way: On the Truth & Justice candle, scribe your name and “deserving mindset”. On the Inner Balance candle, scribe your name and “perfect balance”. Lastly, on the Spiritual Cleansing candle, scribe your name and “clear and open”, then put the candles in their holders.

Light the candles and speak aloud what dreams you are manifesting into being. Hold the necklace in your hands as you tell the story from your future self to who are now of how your life life is now that your dreams have come true. Dip the corners of the image into the wax of each of the candles, and wrap it up in the silk scarf or cloth. Let the candles burn while you can attend them.  Place the scarf or cloth under your bed sheet where you lay your head. NEVER leave a burning candle unattended. If you have to leave, put it out, and relight it when you get back.

Wear the necklace, and relight your candles every day, restating the future dreams until they are consumed. Leave the scarf in your bed until your dreams manifest.

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